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Phonographia has three sites dedicated to celebrating the Phonograph and its legacy:

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On December 6, 1877 a revolution of sound began, culturally and in rpms, when Thomas Alva Edison and his head machinist, John Kruesi, completed work on Edison's Phonograph, a machine that could record and playback sound.

Click on any link of Phonographia and learn how the Miracle of the 19th Century still echoes today.


What are Phonographia?

Phonographia are the collective associations that define our memory of the Phonograph.

Besides its rich history of talking machines (e.g., Phonographs, Gramophones, Graphophones, Victrolas, etc.) and records, phonographia are found in art, advertisements, literature, newspapers, movies, greeting cards, cartoons - the list goes on. For this site, it's those pop culture connections and memorabilia that are the sign-posts for remembering the Phonograph.

Phonographia will continue to move into the world of nostalgia and museums, however, the revolution that began with the Phonograph is a continuum. As long as we have recorded sound the legacy of the Phonograph is alive.

Friends of the Phonograph invite you to serendipidously enjoy the phonograph connections of this site.

Perhaps the next time you hear recorded sound you will think of the Phonograph and all that it started.





Make Someone Happy - Wind a Phonograph

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