Phonograph Connections for Phonographians

Phonographia has three sites that celebrate the Phonograph and its legacy.


Friends of the Phonograph



The Revolution of Sound

With the completion of the Phonograph on December 6, 1877 the revolution of sound began, culturally and in rpms.

Thomas Alva Edison and his head machinist, John Kruesi, had successfully captured the human voice and played it back on Edison's "Talking Phonograph". (1)


What are Phonographia?

Phonographia are objects and images that contribute to our memory of the Phonograph.

Phonographia are found in art, advertisements, literature, photographs, movies, greeting cards, postcards, cartoons and other popular culture formats.

Each example of Phonographia is a connection and a sign-post for remembering the Phonograph.

Dreams of Long Ago, Norman Rockwell, cover of Saturday Evening Post, August 13, 1927


Who are Phonographians?

Phonographians are Friends of the Phonograph who find and enjoy all connections to the Phonograph.


The Phonograph Lives!

The revolution that began with the Phonograph is a continuum.

We still have record players.

We have more recorded sound now than at any time in history and this 'library' continues to grow.

And a phonograph record (the "Golden Record") is still travelling with the Voyager spacecrafts into interstellar space (over 12 billion miles from Earth). Go to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) website to see real-time numbers of how far Voyagers 1 and 2 currently are from Earth. (There is also a link on that site about the "Golden Record").

Next time you hear recorded sound remember that it all began with the Phonograph.



(1) "The Talking Phonograph", Scientific American, December 22, 1877.

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