Columbia Home Grand Graphophone


A great moment in this collection's history was when Dad located a Columbia Home Grand Graphophone. This machine had been owned by one family since 1899. Stored in an attic and wrapped in newspapers which were dated 1933 it was a special moment to unpack the 5" cylinder records and hear them play after so many years.

You can see from our faces that we were pretty excited to have this extraordinary machine. As you remember this collection, keep those smiles in mind because they are typical of the fun we've had for many decades collecting these machines.

The Home Grand Graphophone Type AD and the Type HG were the most ornate and beautiful machines made by Columbia.


The first Home Grand machines were sold with a 2-mainspring motor and a nickeled bedplate. Sometime in late 1899, it was redesigned with ornate, heavily carved pillared cabinet, with rope-like molding, and a six mainspring motor. The black chassis was decorated with red flowers and gold stems. It sold for $100. The following ad is from McClure's 1899.