Axel and Betty Boilesen

1841 Lake Street - The University Years


1841 Lake Street

In 1946 shortly after their marriage, Betty mentioned to a Professor at the University of Nebraska Teachers College that she and her husband (who was just starting the University using the GI Bill) were looking for an apartment. Shortly later, Dr. Oscar H. Werner and his wife Gertrude started renting their 1841 Lake Street basement apartment to Axel and Betty.

A friend of Axel and Betty's who wanted to be a photographer took a series of home-life pictures in 1946 using Axel and Betty as the stars in their basement apartment and with the permission of the Werner's also in the upstairs living room and kitchen (Betty always wanted to make it clear that they had the Werner's permission for being upstairs).

One of those pictures of Axel and Betty by the fireplace was used for their first Christmas card in December 1946. The inclusion of photographs for Christmas cards was to become a family tradition for the next 65 years.



1946 Christmas Card




The following are the complete series of 'home' photos from Axel and Betty's first married years at Lake Street, 1946 (photographed by their University friend whose name is unfortunately not known to us).
























Other Photographs from 1946 - 1950

Visiting Axel's parents and siblings on the farm, 1948



The Graduate, 1950