Betty Barr Boilesen

Betty Ann Barr Married Sunday, August 25, 1946






Engagement studio portrait with Betty Ann in her dress she purchased for her honeymoon.



Wedding Invitation







Newspaper clipping from the St Paul Phonograph newspaper reporting the August 25, 1946 wedding.




Newspaper clipping from Fay's Treasured Memories book





Betty Ann pictured in her wedding gown (possibly taken on their farm outside Elba)





Snapshot of wedding couple outside Cotesfield Church on August 25.




Miss Donna Ward, Mrs. Margaret Kennedy, Betty with Red Roses, Axel, and Truman Kennedy



Manley, Anna, Betty and Axel




Chris & Elizabeth Boilesen with son Axel and new daughter-in-law Betty



Very few pictures exist from the wedding day since Axel's toddler niece got a hold of the camera at the end of the day, opened the back and exposed the film.








Wedding napkin for reception, August 25, 1946


Ice Cream, Angel Food Cake, Fruit Cake, Salted Nuts, Coffee






Honeymoon in Denver, Colorado






Unknown location (probably in Cotesfield or Elba, at one of their parent's farms)





Returned to Lincoln to live at 1841 Lake Street





Chris, Lizzie, Anna, and Manley - The In-Laws, circa 1950






Golden Anniversary Reception, August 1996


50 Years Later...




Golden Anniversary Official Portrait, August 1996









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