Betty Ann Barr Boilesen

Growing up on the Farm



As retold by Doug Boilesen, son of Betty Ann Barr Boilesen

Betty was born on August 26, 1924 in Elba, Nebraska in 1924 on a 650 acre ranch by a river and lots of cottonwood trees.

Baby Betty


In later years she would speak fondly of that river ranch which they unfortunately lost during the Depression.


Betty on right holding young niece Marjorie's hand on farmhouse porch, ca. 1929





L-R Betty Ann and Nina




June 1929 on the farm (Betty on left)



Anna and Betty on a visit, 1929




Betty's dad Manley with his horses on the Elba Ranch



They would move to another farm where Betty would go to school in Cotesfield until she went to Grand Island High School for her Junior and Senior years instead of Cotesfield High School since her mother thought she would get a better education in a larger school.

1934 as a student in Cotesfield


Fotomat circa 1935



Fotomat 1937




Fotomat 1938




Betty holding young child at Cotesfield school, 1937





May 1939 (age 14)



On the farm ca.1940





Manley and Anna's Elba Farm, February 1940

L-R Jessie B. Tucker, Mrs. Henry Barr (Maude), Manley Barr, Francel Airth Barr Philson, Anna Barr, Lila Tucker





On the farm ca.1941




Fishing near the farm




Visiting the farm