Betty Ann's Sheet Music



Betty Ann took piano lessons when she was a young girl. The following are some sheet music that she saved.


Oh Johnny Oh Johnny, Oh, 1939




Silver Threads Among the Gold, 1935




Sweethearts on Parade, 1937




Falling Waters, 1936



Let Me Be Your Umbrella, 1927



Home on the Range, © 1935 by Calumet Music Co.



Sack Waltz, 1936



Little Old Sod Shanty on the Claim, penciled in Betty Barr 1940



I Don't Want to Walk without You, 1942



Always, ©1925




Carols for the Family, 1953




Betty Ann kept a diary and the March 10, 1941 entry reads: "I listened to radio and practiced music. I'm trying to memorize "Blueberry Hill."