Manley Miller Barr

My Dad, Manley Miller Barr

October 25, 1884 - September 9, 1968



As written by Betty Boilesen (found inside Manley's Bible in 2000 as a typed note)


This Bible was given to my Dad by Grandma Barr (Mary Ann Miller Barr) and it was given to her on her wedding day from David Barr.


I have thought maybe she gave it to my Dad when he left York and moved on the ranch at Elba which he was sent up to as he was not married and Grandpa Barr had bought it about 1910. Grandpa and Grandma spent quite a lot of time up there with him as he was alone except for the hired men.



Manley with his horses on Elba ranch



Manley Miller Barr, photograph sent as a postcard to his parents for Christmas, 1911



He was just about 38 when he married my mother who was a widow with three married children.

Marriage license of Manley Miller Barr and Mrs. Anna Vogt, October 16, 1922


It was probably quite a shock to a confirmed bachelor to become a father for the first time a few months before his 40th birthday. From stories I have heard he had been giving advice to his brothers and sisters on how to bring up kids. Four of the brothers and their wives came to Elba to see their new niece. My Dad couldn't wait until they got in the house and carried me out to their cars before they could even get out of their cars. That's how men change when they become Dads.

He lived in Howard County near Elba the rest of his life and died in 1969, and is buried at Elba, Nebraska.

I never remember a cross word from my Dad and if I was doing something he didn't like his reprimand was "I wouldn't to that honey."

He wouldn't walk down the aisle with me at my wedding because he said he would never give me away but if I was going to marry anyone he was glad I had chosen Axel who he loved like the son he didn't have.

I honored him by giving the Barr name for the middle name of our 3 children.

I hope my children and 5 grandsons live their life as honestly and kindly as my Dad did.

Manley Miller Barr, October 25, 1884, York, Nebraska - September 9, 1968; son of James Airth Barr* and Mary Ann Miller; Married Anna Ellen Ender Vogt; one daughter, Betty Ann Barr Boilesen


*Manley's grandfather David Barr (May 10, 1807 - May 8, 1866) was born at Wishaw, Scotland. He emigrated to Canada in 1833 and married Agnes Airth (May 12, 1814 - January 28, 1876) in 1834. "Glen Burnie" was the name chosen for their Renfrew, Ontario farm.

Manley's father James Airth Barr was born on July 31, 1849 in Renfrew, Ontario.


David Barr and Agnes Airth Barr, James A. Barr's parents


In the spring of 1877 James Airth Barr moved to York, Nebraska and bought a homestead in March. In 1879 he returned to Renfrew and on February 16, 1880 he was married in Renfrew to Mary Ann Miller.

The day after the wedding they returned to York and settled in a sod house (20 x 20). Manley's mother wrote in the Bible that was given to them for their wedding "we left the next morning for Nebraska".


Manley's father, James Airth Barr, 2nd row, 4th over



Manley's mother, Mary Ann Miller, sitting on the floor on far right


Manley was born October 25, 1884 and was preceded in birth by 1) David Alexander Barr (May 11, 1881 - August 31, 1881), 2) James Ernest Barr (October 10, 1882 - January 25, 1954)). 3) Manley's October 25, 1884 birthday was followed by 4) Aubrey Aaron Barr (September 16, 1886), 5) Robert Goldwin Barr (August 2, 1888), 6) Gavan (Guy) Allen Barr (July 29, 1890 - January 20, 1967); 7) Lindsay John Countermine Barr (August 1, 1892); 8) William Barr (December 23, 1894 - January 9, 1895); 9) Thomas Barr (December 23, 1894 - January 9, 1895); 10) Jessie Belle Barr (February 16, 1897 - May 18, 1974); 11) Joy Mervin Barr (August 4, 1899 - October 5, 1966); 12) Francel Airth Barr (April 24, 1902).


Manley as a baby, York Nebraska - Durnam Photographer



Manley, Aubrey and James, 1886 taken at Renfrew, Canada




Robert Barr, 1889 taken at York, Nebraska




Manley circa 1930




ca. 1937




Manley and Anna's Elba Farm, February 1940

L-R Jessie B. Tucker, Mrs. Henry Barr (Maude), Manley Barr, Francel Airth Barr Philson, Anna Barr, Lila Tucker




Barr Brothers and Sisters circa 1950



Barr Brothers and Sisters 1965 - Manley front left; Aubrey back middle





Manley c.1965



St. Paul Phonograph Herald, September 1968