Dan Jenkins

Memories of the Phonograph


By Dan Jenkins* (excerpt from His Ownself - A Semi-Memoir) and Honorary Friend of the Phonograph


Describing his mom Catherine Jenkins as someone "who was no fan of discomfort" Dan loved her upstairs bedroom with its

"wood-burning fireplace, wall-to-wall carpet, radio, RCA Victor phonograph, desk, softa , a wall of books, adjoining bath, terrace off the bedroom offering a view of the city's skyline...."

"I envied that bedroom and dreamed of having one like it someday.

By the time I was in the fifth grade I'd discovered the wonders of her RCA Victor phonograph. My regard for melody and lyrics in popular music may have started when I learned to put Decca records on the turntable and listen to the Mills Brothers having their way with "Lazy River," "You're Nobody's Sweetheart Now," and "Paper Doll."






His Ownself by Dan Jenkins, ©2014 by D&J Ventures, Inc. and published by Anchor Books

*An honorary Friend of the Phonograph for his memory of listening to the Mills Brothers on his mom's RCA Victor phonograph.