Andre Von Kampen

Memories of the Phonograph - "Good old vinyl" purchased by Prince Charles



By Doug Boilesen, December 20, 2021 with excerpts from L. KENT WOLGAMOTT, Lincoln Journal Star, Dec 15, 2021


Lincoln, Nebraska singer-songwriter Andrea Von Kampen recorded a song for Hafod Hardware, a small store in Rhayader, Wales, in 2019. The song was for a Christmas advertisement and the ad went viral.

In November 2021 the owner of Hafod contacted Andrea that Prince Charles was going to visit his store as part of Prince Charle's promotional support for Christmas shopping at small businesses." The next day Andrea express shipped her record album to the Wales store so that it was there in time for the Prince's visit.

Von Kampen's vinyl record album, "That Spell" was picked up and purchased by Prince Charles during his visit to the store. “Isn’t it encouraging to see the good old vinyl?” he is reported to have said.

This phonograph related pop culture event makes Friends of the Phonograph smile. It's also a memory of the phonograph which can be documented for Andrea as an honorary member of Friends of the Phonograph.

FOTP members agree with Prince Charles: it is encouraging to "see the good old vinyl."

But it's nothing new. For one hundred and forty-four years the phonograph has played recorded sound.

The phonograph lives.

The revolution is still turning.



That Spell by Andrea Von Kampen, Released June 11, 2021 Fantasy Records