The 1986 Phonograph Birthday

109th Birthday


1986 Friends of the Phonograph Birthday Party


The Phonograph's 109th Birthday was celebrated in our Oakland-Emeryville home in December 1986.

Phonograph Christmas ads filled the walls along with phonograph postcards and 'original' FOTP art pieces as guests had been invited to submit a "work" inspired by the Phonograph for the Phonograph Art Exhibit.

A phonograph concert was also held featuring "Home Sweet Home" by the Columbia Phonograph Co., circa 1896, "Stars and Stripes for Forever March" from circa 1898 and an Edison Advertising Cylinder by Len Spencer circa 1906.



Courtesy of Allen Koenigsberg and Antique Phonograph Monthly's flexible phonograph disc



DB in the Phonograph room




Parlor display for Birthday party




Art and postcards displayed going up stairway




Original art submission by Nephew Ryan, age 5




Photograph of Nephew Cameron on December 6, 1986, age 10 months




Dr. Richard D. Ambro, anthropologist, Friend of the Phonograph and roommate


Richard wrote the following for the Phonograph's 109th Birthday and thanked Edison who "helped us to capture the wind."






Bob Gross with pottery Victor HMV Record he made for the Phonograph's birthday



Sarah Gross with her artistic submission for the Birthday party



Mark and Pat



Sandy and Chris



Brenda and LB



Brenda and DK



Birthday card to the Phonograph from Peter and Joellen 1986



Digital Art Gramophone (also one in blue)






Friends of the Phonograph