The 1987 Phonograph Birthday

110th Birthday


1987 Friends of the Phonograph Birthday Party


The Friends of the Phonograph's 110th Phonograph Birthday was celebrated in our Oakland-Emeryville home on December 5, 1987.

An important part of the birthday venue was the 2nd Annual Phonograph Art Exhibit which this year featured the unveiling of internationally famous textile artist Sheila O'Hara's newest work "First Recorded Sighting of the Little Nipper from Earth."

Other excellent works inspired by Nipper and the Phonograph were also submitted and appreciated by all.

Edison's The Great Train Robbery and The Voice of the Violin were also shown as part of the Phonograph Film Festival.



Installation by Sheila and Nipper in preparation for the Phonograph's 110th Birthday




DB in Nipper room - The party begins!




Joellen's Nativity Scene - The birth of the Phonograph in the crèche





DB in Collection room




Patti holding her record themed cheese log







Pat's Jazz Collage




DK's Record Player Art Piece 1987





Another angle of DK's Record Player Art Piece 1987





Debbie's Nipper Art Submissions - Nipper card and Storybook "The Adventures of Nipper"





Edison had an opportunity to use Nipper for advertising his Phonograph since the original painting by the artist Francis Barraud did have Nipper listening to an Edison Phonograph. When Edison declined to purchase the rights to this painting the Victor Talking Machine Company paid Barraud to paint over the Edison Phonograph with a Type B Victor machine (often referred to as the Trademark machine).

Thus Nipper had a new owner and the course of advertising history was changed. His Master's Voice was not to be Edison's.



Backside of Debbie's Nipper Card (above)






















The lecture and movie presentations in the Great Room








Friends of the Phonograph