The 1989 Phonograph Birthday

112th Birthday


1989 Friends of the Phonograph Birthday Party


The Friends of the Phonograph's 112th Birthday was celebrated in our Oakland-Emeryville home on December 2, 1989.

This birthday was special because my parents Axel and Betty were attending from Lincoln, NE.



Balloons and preparation for the party



Phonograph Nativity Scene, 1989













LB's toast to the Phonograph




Opening remarks




The Captivated Audience




Brunswick Phonograph playing Charlie Chaplin Kinetomovie




Watching Chaplin perform on the Brunswick




PhonoArt on display
















DK Explaining how his "Edison the boy" sculpture works with TV in his head












Watching a movie before the days of Big Screen TVs




Presentation of Art Exhibit Awards: First Prize: A Red Wooden Phonograph Ornament

The following are only some of the delighted winners who tied for First Prize:























Talking Toys on Display for the Phonograph's Birthday




Here is a gift from school-teacher Friend of the Phonograph Sarah who provided these instructions for making an Art Wreath






This ceramic record was made by Bob Gross to celebrate the Phonograph's birthday. It features a Victor style "His Master's Voice" label with Nipper and the Gramophone, and a title of "Recorded Music 1948-9".






Friends of the Phonograph