The 1990 Phonograph Birthday

113th Birthday


1990 Friends of the Phonograph Birthday Party


Friends of the Phonograph celebrated the 113th Birthday at our Oakland-Emeryville home on December 8, 1990.

This birthday party's theme for the night is based on the last manufacturers ending production of 45 rpms in 1990.

For forty years the size and speed of 45's record changer had made it an incredibly popular format, particularly with the youth, and since we had all grown up with these records this birthday party at the end of 1990 seemed an appropriate time to mark the this transition.

A special tombstone display and activity was created entitled "The 45 Kicks the Bucket - RIP 1949-1990.


LB and Brenda presenting Mary had a Little Lamb Nursery Wall Pin-ups by Playroom, ca. 1950's



Brenda's Brownie Record



Stan with his Dinosaur Record Label on wood (rings of the tree are the grooves)



Axel and Betty Boilesen presented a framed Victor record of James Whitcomb Riley reciting his poem "Out to Old Aunt Mary's." You can listen to Harry E. Humphrey performing Riley's poem HERE from the Edison Blue Amberol record 2539 released in March 1915. Humphrey's voice is much clearer than the recording made by Riley who was declining and would pass in 1916.



Gretchen's cheese cake record



Mary's hand-etched glass record



Pat's 45 rpms and record basket






Clint with his Edison's First Talking Machine



Matt submitted his artistic creation in honor of Edison's Phonograph



On this creation Matt wrote: "To Edison from Matthew - "This is my Dad" (instead of "His Master's Voice")




Reviewing some of the Exhibit submissions















Birthday Donut Candles






Loading The Christmas Story Leg with a 45 rpm record and taking aim



Leg pulled back and released to hit "The 45 kicks the bucket" tombstone target



Marilyn & her 45's






Good-night and Happy Holidays!






Friends of the Phonograph