The 2008 Phonograph Birthday

131st Birthday


2008 Birthday Party


The Phonograph's 131st Birthday celebration was held on a sunny December 6th Saturday afternoon that was noteworthy for two reasons: it wasn't snowing and it was the actual day of the Phonograph's birthday.

Since the birthday party is normally held on the Saturday closest to the 6th this celebration on the actual day only happens every 6 or 8 years. Also, four"guests" were under the age of 18 months so that made it an extra special and entertaining event.





















































Doug and Sharon were KUNC NPR Day Sponsors in 2008 reminding listeners of the birthday of the first recording of sound by Leon Scott de Martinville. In other years their Day Sponsorship was normally for the birthday of Edison's Phonograph:

2008 - Day sponsors are Doug and Sharon Boilesen, and Friends of the Phonograph, who would like to remind you that today, April 9 is the 148th birthday of the first recording of sound made by the Frenchman Leon Scott de Martinville. For more phonograph connections go to









Friends of the Phonograph