The 2009 Phonograph Birthday

132nd Birthday


2009 Birthday Party


The Phonograph's 132nd Birthday celebration was held on a December 5th Saturday afternoon that went into the evening.

Luckily Krampus did not visit that evening (December 5th which for some Europeans is the Feast of St. Nicholas) since we did have some younger Friends of the Phonograph at the party.




Happy One Hundred and Thirty-second Birthday to the Phonograph!








































Doug and Sharon were KUNC NPR Day Sponsors in 2009 reminding listeners that the Phonograph's birthday was on December 6.

2009 - Day sponsors are Doug and Sharon Boilesen, and Friends of the Phonograph, who remind you that Sunday, December 6, is the 132nd birthday of Thomas Edison's invention of the Phonograph. Happy Birthday to the Phonograph!








Friends of the Phonograph