Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories and other disasters, Written by Jean Shepherd ©1971 Doubleday, USA



Gene Autry at 3:30 AM - "Who the hell's playing those goddamn records at three-thirty?"









The legendary jukebox: "A triumph of American aesthetics."

"...the musical background was provided by a legendary jukebox that stood a full seven feet high, featuring red and blue cascading waterfalls that gushed endlessly through its voluptuous facade. In full 200-watt operation, it could be felt, if not clearly heard, as far north as Gary and as far south as Kankakee. A triumph of American aesthetics."




This Rock-Ola Model 1422 circa 1946 is not seven feet tall nor does it have cascading waterfalls but it is one of magnificent jukeboxes of the 1940's that were triumph's of American aesthetics in the history of record playing machines.

For more examples of these jewels of their era, see Jukebox The Golden Age by Vincent and Bill Henkin with photographs by Kazuhiro Tsuruta and published by Lancaster-Miller, (the source of this photograph which I've included here since it's already available on the internet).