The Capitol Record Company's Record-Reader is a Talking Toy Hall of Fame member for its multimedia use of text, graphics and recorded sounds. Children listened and waited for their signal to turn the page, reading the words and listening to the exciting adventures. Records provided "talking animals", "thrilling music" and exciting "sound effects". As a representative of these Record-Readers, "Bozo at the Circus" was selected, both for the theme of the book/record and because of Bozo's popularity in the mid-20th century.

Capital Records, 1946

2 records, 78rpm, 20 pages

Other multi-record sets of records feature Bozo the Clown in such titles as:



© Album Cover/ Description Inside page / Description
Bozo and the Birds Columbia, 78rpm, 38 pages 1949
Bozo Sings Capital records, 78rpm 1948
Bozo the Clown Little Golden Book, Golden Record 45rpm, 1961
Bozo Under the Sea Capital Records, 78rpm 1948  
Bozo on the Farm Capital Records, 2 records, 45rpm, 18 pages 1950  
Bozo and his Rocket Ship Capital Records, 78rpm, 20 page 1947 Bozo takes a rocket ship around the world! When children hear the roar of the rocket ship taking off, it's a signal to turn the page to see as well as hear Bozo's next amazing adventure.
Bozo has a Party Capital Records, 45rpm, 19 pages 1952