Chatty Cathy™ is the most famous of the Mattel "talkers" and her success beginning in 1960 led the way for a variety of other pull string talkers that would continue to appear into the 1970's. For Chatty to speak a Chatty Ring™ (also known as a "magic ring") is pulled. This pull string performs the mechanics of powering a 2 1/2 inch plastic record to spin. A tiny needle then randomly "speaks" one of 11 phrases. Later Cathys have 18 phrases. But whatever Cathy said, it was a new experience for doll owners. I can remember my sister's excitement when she got her Chatty for Christmas in 1961 and I'm sure her reaction was quite typical.

You Can Tell it's Mattel, it's Swell!

Chatty Cathy™ originally came dressed in a red and white pinafore or a blue party dress, page boy hairstyles, blonde or brunette and blue or green eyes.

Kathy and Don Lewis, authors of "Talking Toys of the 20th Century" note in their Chatty chapter that there were two voices of the early Chatty Cathy™ doll. "The most common voice is June Foray and the other is Lucille Bliss...Maureen McCormick's voice is used on the 1969 - 70 re-issue Chatty Cathy™ and is commonly mistaken for the voice of the early dolls." It's interesting to me that June Foray was also the voice of Rocky (Rocket J. Squirrel) and Natashe (Natashe Fatale) in "The Bullwinkle Show" as this is still one of my all-time favorite cartoons. For additional June Foray "voices" and Chatty Cathy phrases click Fun Facts at the Chatty Cathy Collectors Group site.

During the pull string era of the 1960's, Mattel would also use the phrase "You Can Tell it's Mattel, It Talks!"

To listen to the Chatty Cathy™ Jingle, click Do you Remember? at the Chatty Cathy Collectors Group© site.