Betty Ann Barr

Growing Up - Education


Memories of Growing Up - Education

By Doug Boilesen 2018


Betty Ann started school at Elba and then Cotesfield, Nebraska for most of her education. Her future husband, Axel Boilesen, also went to school at Cotesfield for all of his education but was a year older.

Betty went to Grand Island High School for her Junior and Senior years instead of Cotesfield High School since her mother thought she would get a better education in a larger school.

Because Cotesfield was such a small school Betty and Axel were mostly in the same class rooms through the years like Grammar Room in 1936.


Cotesfield Grammar Room 1936-1937, Axel Boilesen in top row, third from left. Betty Ann Barr, first row, second from right. The two of them would marry on August 25, 1946.


Betty Ann on left on their farm, June 10, 1929



Betty is holding unknown child



Betty Ann on the front right, Virginia Jensen on far left


Betty Ann May 5, 1938 Grade 7




POEMS by Betty Ann, 1933




ORIGINAL POEMS by Betty Ann Barr, grade 2

Elba Consolidated School, 1933



The Story of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter presented to Betty for Arithmetic achievement, 1933






Grade 4 Report Card, Cotesfield



Three Poems by Betty Ann Barr, 1934



Fotomat 1938




Report card 1939 - Promotion to 9th Grade, Cotesfield





1940-41 10th Grade, Cotesfield




Virgina Jensen amd Betty Ann, August 1940



Junior Class A-F, Grand Island High School 1942 - Betty Barr in middle of second row



Cotesfield 1940


Cotesfield 1940




Cotesfield High School, 1941


Note: These were Cotesfield Junior and Senior Class plays of 1940 and 1941. Betty was a Cotessfield High School Freshman and Sophomore for these performances.




Certificate for Betty Ann Barr as Champion Speller, April 15, 1939




Penmanship Certificate, April 24, 1939





In the May 1943 edition of THE ISLANDER MAGAZINE

Senior Class Pictures Second Row

BARR, BETTY ANN, College Prep.; Pan American Pagent; Library Help, 1; Tri-Y, 2.

Grand Island High School

CLASS COLORS Blue and Silver


MOTTO "Triumph Through Trial"


High School Picture




High School Graduation May 1943













After graduating from Grand Island High School Betty attended the Grand Island Business college.

She was employed at the quartermaster office at the Army airfield.

She attended classes at the University of Nebraska Lincoln before getting married in August 1946.