Raymond K. Vogt

Brother Ray


By Doug Boilesen 2018 (my uncle and half-brother of Betty Ann Barr)


Ray Vogt, who was born on May 12, 1901 at Elba, Nebraska to Frank and Anna Ellen Ender Vogt. Ray had one brother, Chris Vogt, a sister Fay Vogt and twenty-three years later a half-sister Betty Ann Barr.


Ray and Fay Vogt, circa 1906


Fay, Chris and Ray Vogt, circa 1908


Ray, Chris and Fay c.1910


Ray grew up in the Elba area. A Mrs. Raymond Vogt is identified as singing a duet at Sister Fay's wedding in 1922 but it is unknown when she married Ray or why and when that marriage ended.

Like his brother Chris, not a lot is known about Ray's personal or work life. At one point, perhaps the early 1930's, he apparently left Nebraska and when he came home after working in the foundries back East he was very yellow and sick. Betty Ann remembered that her mom kept a jar of money in the cellar. After Ray came home sick she remembers that Ray needed some money to get to Denver for his health and that she had a "very vivid memory of her Mom going down into the cellar to get him some money."

At niece Marjorie Ann's funeral in September 1935 Raymond Vogt signed as a "Relative Attending" in the "Treasured Memories" book and Edna Dallas signed in the "Friends who Called" section. "Raymond Vogt & Edna Dallas" are listed together in the "Tributes from Friends" section. Ray married Edna Mae Dallas circa 1936.


Ray and Edna Vogt (with Sister Fay behind Ray) November 1947


Ray and Edna had an adopted son, Gary (circa 1938).

Betty Ann lived with Ray and Edna in Grand Island for her final two years of high school, commuting on weekends back home to Cotesfield. Betty's mother wanted her to attend high school at the larger Grand Island Senior High School (rather than Cotesfield High School) where she thought Betty could get a better education. Betty Ann graduated from Grand Island High School in 1943.




Manley, Ray, Edna, Anna, Betty 1950 in Grand Island for a picnic (the same day the Veterans Hospital opened)




Chris, nephew Doug and Ray at a family picnic in Grand Island, Nebraska ca. 1953




The Grand Island Independent, January 5, 1943 - Ray's mom Anna wrote on this clipping "My Ray."



Edna, Ray and Gary circa 1953




Dinner at Lyncrest, December 1956 in living room - L-R Grandma Barr, Mom holding Bev, Doug, Gary, Edna and Ray






Edna, Gary and Ray circa 1945






Raymond K. Vogt, May 12, 1901 Elba, Nebraska - February 16, 1983.

Edna Mae Dallas Vogt, December 22, 1907 - April 20, 1982.

Edna's father, Albert Dallas's great-great grandfather founded and had the city of Dallas, TX named for him.