Bob Gross

A Friend of the Phonograph


In Memory of Bob Gross, August 12, 2003

By Doug Boilesen

Bob was an member of the Berkeley/Oakland/Emeryville California branch of Friends of the Phonograph.

In the history of the annual phonograph birthday parties, this was the most creative group of friends I ever had, setting the standard for phonograph birthday presentations.

Each year in celebration of the Phonograph's Birthday there was a friendly competition of phonograph inspired creations: food shaped like records, needlepoint, tapestry, glass and other media representing some connection to the phonograph.

Bob loved pottery and his artistic entry in 1989 was award-winning. Shaped and labeled like a Victor record, Bob's ceramic creation remains a reminder for me of his friendship, creativity and generosity.



In the Museum of PhonoArt, Bob's record plays on.

Thanks Bob.