On this Day Factola

September 23


The Birthday of Bev Jester, a Friend of the Phonograph


Creating a CD




Listening to 33 1/3 LP




Listening to a 45 RPM




A New Generation of Friends of the Phonograph


Celebrating the Phonograph on New Year's Eve 2001




Other On This Day Factolas


Mickey Rooney born September 23, 1920

Ray Charles born on September 23, 1930

Bruce Springsteen on September 23, 1949

1952 - “Kaw-Liga” single recorded by Hank Williams

1957 - “That’ll Be the Day” by Buddy Holly and the Crickets reaches #1

1962 The Jetsons Premier (with the Jetson's theme song that begins Meet George Jetson...)






On this Day Factola - September 23