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Factolas are facts based on popular culture phonograph connections. Select icon to view each gallery.

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The 'Phon' & 'Graph' Brands


The "-ola" Brand


Dictionary of Phonographia





Record and Album Cover Factolas



Newspapers Named "The Phonograph"


The Phonograph and the Sewing Machine


Record Listening Booths


Tut-mania and the Phonograph


Possibilities and Probabilities


The Evolution of a Revolution


Monopoly and the Phonograph


Hello, Ahoy and Edison


Phonograph Museums

Regina Company and the What-if?


Autostops - "Don't get up"


Opera promotion - The Immortal Voice




What Tree Rings Sound Like Played on a Record Player

Voyager - The Phonograph Lives!

Phonographia in Movies

Sounds like a Broken Record


Teddy Bears and the Phonograph


The Phonograph as 'Dining' Entertainer


"Connections and the Phonograph Industry"


'bottles it up for future use"


Cylinder records referenced in The Christmas of the Phonograph Records



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