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Factolas are facts based on popular culture phonograph connections. Select icon to view each gallery.

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The 'Phon' & 'Graph' Brands


The "-ola" Brand


Dictionary of Phonographia





Record and Album Cover Factolas



Newspapers Named "The Phonograph"


The Phonograph and the Sewing Machine


Record Listening Booths


Tut-mania and the Phonograph


Possibilities and Probabilities


The Evolution of a Revolution


Monopoly and the Phonograph


Hello, Ahoy and Edison


Phonograph Museums

Regina Company and the What-if?


Autostops - "Don't get up"


Opera promotion - The Immortal Voice




What Tree Rings Sound Like Played on a Record Player

Voyager - The Phonograph Lives!

Phonographia in Movies

Sounds like a Broken Record


Teddy Bears and the Phonograph


The Phonograph as 'Dining' Entertainer


'bottles it up for future use"





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