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Phonographs Not in PhonoAvenue Museums


Four galleries with phonographs not in the museums of PhonoAvenue.

1) On-Line Phonograph Collections

2) Non-PhonoAvenue Museums, Exhibits and Displays

3) Temporary Phonograph Related Exhibits

4) Phono-Sightings (one-offs) observed by Friends of the Phonograph as part of another display (e.g., a phonograph in a 1920's period room).



On-Line Collections



An on-line look at a small portion of a fascinating collection.

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René Rondeau's Antique Phonograph Pages


Rondeau's Tinfoil Phonographs 1878 - 1881



The Rondeau Collection Gallery

René Rondeau's "Ephemera" of the Tinfoil Era

Spring and Summer 1878 - Rondeau Collection



Summer 1878 - 1879 - Rondeau Collection




1879 - Rondeau Collection







Domenic DiBernardo Collection - Mr. Gramophone






Mario's Gramophone and Phonograph Museum





Montana Phonograph Company






Pascal Frioud Collection

Patrick DeCaluwe Collection





The Stan Stanford Collection



The Wilfried Sator Collection



Phonorama, the site dedicated to the cylinder phonograph and its inventors.






Smithsonian National Museum of American History On-Line Collections Search - Phonograph










PhonoExhibits and Displays Not in PhonoAvenue

The Legacy Exhibit





Dougherty Museum, Longmont, Colorado


Temporary Phonograph Related Exhibits

Vinyl Culture - Temporary Exhibit, Munich, Germany December 2008

Revolutions per Minute Exhibit - SFO Museum, Terminal 2 San Francisco Airport, October 2011 to August 2012 - Courtesy of the San Francisco Airport Commission ©2011







Phonograph Sightings