Phonograph Exhibits

Temporary & Non-Museum Exhibits, Collections, and Sightings


This gallery features three categories of phonographs on display not included in PhonoAvenue: 1) Temporary and non-museum exhibits related to the phonograph; 2) Collector's websites and 3) Phonograph Sightings documented within the context of a museum display where a phonograph is part of something else (e.g., in a 1950's period living room such or as part of an entertainment or technology exhibit). Phonograph Sightings, therefore, are probably the most random and serendipous in terms of what gets documented here.

Non-museum Exhibits

Revolutions per Minute Exhibit - SFO Museum, Terminal 2 San Francisco Airport, October 2011 to August 2012 - Courtesy of the San Francisco Airport Commission 2011



Collector's Sites



An on-line look at a small portion of a fascinating collection.

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Phonorama, the site dedicated to the cylinder phonograph and its inventors.