Science Museum

South Kensington, UK, October 21, 2023 to September 1, 2024


Doug Boilesen, 2024

The interactive exhibit "Turn It Up: The Power of Music" at the Science Museum in South Kensington had "a hugely popular initial run and was extended until 1 September 2024." It asked the questions "Why does music have such a hold over us? What is it about music that drives us to create, perform, feel, connect with others?"

A review of the exhibit in Mummytravels, 26th November 2023, noted that this exhibit was a great option to visit as a family:

Walking in, the first thing you see is a display of various different ways to listen to music over the ages, from a gramophone to a ghettoblaster, not to mention a walkman, portable CD player, and some of the earliest MP3 players, alongside a Fisher Price cassette player.

From nostalgic throw-backs to the latest technology, experimental instruments, the way music can affect everything from our hormones to our driving ability, plus plenty of chances to get hands on, the exhibition looks at all aspects of music.



The Science Museum's On-Line Collection of Phonographs can be visited HERE.

Most Friends of the Phonograph know that Science Museum was in possession of Thomas Edison's original tinfoil phonograph after he loaned it to them in 1884. Edison displayed it as part of his exhibit at the 1889 Universal Exposition in Paris, but it then went back to London where it stayed until the 1920's.

At the Edison Golden Jubilee of the Phonograph in 1927 Edison repeated his December 6, 1877 recitation of "Mary had a Little Lamb." (Source: Public Domain Review).


This replica was commissioned by Thomas Edison to replace his original, which was returned to him in 1928 after having been loaned to the Science Museum since 1884. Courtesy of Science Museum Group.


See the Science Museum Group Journal, Spring 2017, for an interesting article by Jennifer Rich on curating and displaying sound in museums titled "Acoustics on display: Collecting and curating sound at the Science Museum."