The Axel and Betty Boilesen

Friends of the Phonograph Legacy Exhibit



Welcome to this display of Phonographs named in honor of Axel and Betty Boilesen who enthusiastically supported me collecting phonographs.

Axel and Betty were married in Cotesfield, Nebraska on August 25, 1946 and their wedding song was ALWAYS. They lived in Lincoln all of their married lives.

Betty had many friends and she loved to talk about her family and Nebraska heritage. You can read Betty's childhood memory of the Phonograph and other Betty stories by touching HERE.

To read Axel's earliest memory of the Phonograph and other Axel stories, touch HERE.








Dad and I went to many auctions and garage sales over the years and I'm sure my mother always wondered what we might bring home.

We started celebrating the Phonograph's Birthday in the early 1980's as an annual event on December 6.

Phonograph birthday presents have been given, inspired by the Phonograph, such as pottery shaped like a record, a phonograph tapestry, miniature phonographs, phonograph memorabilia, and special creations like the photograph my parents staged in 1986 (see above).

That scene of my parents re-creating Edison's most famous phonograph advertisement is my all-time favorite phonograph birthday present.

I was fortunate to have parents who enjoyed the journey.

Their picture ALWAYS makes me smile and tells a story that they were Friends of the Phonograph, and much more.

Doug Boilesen, August 25, 2006


Click here to download a Benny Goodman's recording of Always

Axel and Betty, August 25, 1946
Axel and Betty, August 25, 1996

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