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Phonograph Advertising and Ad Campaigns



The Opera

Victor's Opera Advertising campaign designed to culturally elevate the Talking Machine




Nipper (18841895) was a dog from Bristol, England, who served as the model for a painting by Francis Barraud titled "His Master's Voice."

This image was the basis for the dog-and-gramophone trademark, one of the world's most famous advertising icons.

Visit this gallery to see a few examples of Nipper Art.


The Phonograph

Thie oil painting by Massani was completed in 1905 for Edison as an advertising counter-measure to The Victor Talking Machine's "His Master's Voice. Used in literally hundreds of thousands of Edison Phonograph advertisements this image never attained the popularity of Nipper. It was often referred to as "The Old Couple."



The Edison Phonograph's Double Service - Amusement and Language Study

The Edison Phonograph began "colloboration" with the International Correspondence Schools (I.C.S.) of Scranton, PA in 1903.

Double Service became an Edison advertising theme to emphasize the employment of Edison Records for Amusement and Language Study.

An article in the Edison Phonograph Monthly of August 1903 noted that the I.C.S.'s Manager was reporting "very satisfactory progress in the matter of having I.C.S. language outfits handled by the trade."

In 1905 Edison's advertising campaign included a calendar each month with a different example of this Double Service."



"Looking for the Band"

An Edison Phonograph advertising campaign and the related questions "where is the band that is playing that tune? Is there someone inside that machine?