Phonograph Advertisements


A significant part of the history of the phonograph is the history of its advertisements.

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Pre-1900 Ads


"Looking for the Band"


Artists Inside the Horn"



1900-1905 Ads


Edison's 1905 Double Service Phonograph (1)


1906-1910 Ads





"Which is which?"


The Stage of the World


1911-1915 Ads


1916-1920 Ads


Shopping for a Phonograph


Edison Tone Tests


Happy Homes - Something for Everyone


Phonograph Billboards and Signs


January 1919 Phonograph Ads



New Victor Records January 1919



"Clear as a Bell" - The Sonora Phonograph



Portable Phonographs


The Victor Book of the Opera




"Advergraphs" - Slogans, Phrases and Logos


The Columbia Twentieth Century Graphophone



1946-1950 Ads


Post 1950 Ads



Nipper, Dogs and the Phonograph


Massani's The Phonograph


Appealing to the customer's 'human' side


The Brownies and the Phonograph


Willa Cather's Prototypes Who Were Recording Artists



Victor Historic Audio Advertising by the Victor Company 1896-1907


See Understanding Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication (Chapter 12) for a history of advertising and some context for phonograph advertisements at the end of the 19th and throughout the 20th century. (University of Minnesota's Library of Publishing).