Ads 1940 - 1945

Phonograph Ads in the Early 1940's

This gallery features phonograph ads from 1940 to 1945.


"Enjoy New Thrills of Radio and Recorded Music, Philco plays any phonograph record on a Beam of Light," 1940 (PM-1846)


"The Rainbow of Sound - A Double Engineering Achievement", Crosley Glamor-Tone Radio and Phonograph Combinations, 1941


Victor Red Seal Records, "The World's Greatist Artists," 1941


RCA Victorola "Everybody's Happy with the Gift that Keeps on Giving." 1941


Scheherazade, RCA Victor Record Album M/DM 920, 1942 (5 record album 78 RPM)



Ciribiribin, RCA Victor Record 10-1152


"The exciting 1942 Magic Brain RCA Victrola! "An amazing new way to play records." The Magic Tone Cell recreates records with brilliant tone fidelity...and the sensatonal Magic Tone Cell adds to record life..." Built in "Magic Loop Antenna" in the RCA Victor Super-Six radio." The Magic Brain does all the work -- you just sit back and listen!"


"For the Pleasures of Home and Family", Philco Radio-Phonograph, 1942



Victor Smart Set Albums 1943



Victor Smart Set Albums to make gala events of all your entertaining (1943)


1943 Recording Artists on Victor and Bluebird Records

"Whenever you want them They're yours on Victor Records," 1943



The enchanted land of recorded music delivers to "your child new vistas of the imagination." General Electric, 1943


Philco, Radios, Phonographs and "the Age of Electronics is the promise for the future...waiting only for Victory to convert" the achievements of Philco's scientists and engineers into peacetime products. Philco magazine ad, 1943.



"RCA postwar instruments will be even finer...", 1944



Victor Red Seal Record Ads 1944


Victor Red Seal Records, Helen Traubel, The Saturday Evening Post, 1944



Magnavox the choice of great artists and source for the Magnavox series of paintings "to stimulate greater musical enjoyment throughout America."

"Close your eyes and enjoy the illusion that singers and orchestra are in the very room with you." Magnavox radio-phonographs are "an investment in good living."


Arturo Toscanini - hear him on a "broadcast or recording played by a Magnavox radio-phonograph." 1943