Dancing with the Phonograph

Dancing featured in Phonograph Ads


This gallery displays advertisements where dancing, made possible by the phonograph, is "yours at a moment's notice."


An impromptu dance on a summer evening


"Loud enough for dancing." Munsey's Magazine, 1904



"An Impromptu Dance with an Edison Phonograph," Pearson's Advertiser, 1906


Another consideration for close-up, impromptu dancing courtesy of the phonograph revolution, November 14, 1908, Colliers


The Edison Phonograph Monthly, August 1907


The Edison Phonograph Monthly, December 1912

Vernon Castle and Columbia Dance Records, The Theatre Magazine, 1914


"Dancing is delightful..." McCall's magazine, March, 1914 (Internet Archive)


"Here comes our Columbia." Cosmopolitan Magazine, May 1914


Columbia Records, The Theatre Magazine, June 1915


Electro Service for Newspaper ad by New York Talking Machine Co., for Victor Record 55075, "I Can Dance with Everybody but My Wife" by Joseph Cawthorn, The Talking Machine World, May 1916.

LISTEN to "I Can Dance with Everybody but My Wife" by Joseph Cawthorn, recorded on March 9, 1916 (Source: The Giovannoni Collection at the Library of Congress).


Victor Catalog - New Victor Records for August 1916


"The instrument that is always ready to oblige with the best dance music..." Victor 1917


"Any time is dancing time" The Theatre Magazine June 1918

Vanity Fair, July 1917


The Saturday Evening Post, July 7, 1917


"Dance!" Life, February 26, 1914




Ladies Home Companion, 1915


Columbia Graphophone 1916


"The perfect music for the perfect partner! "The Ladies Home Journal, April 1919


"Dance any time -- the Victrola is always ready!" National Geographic, 1919


"Dance any time -- the Victrola is always ready!" Ladies' Home Journal, July 1919


"My Dance!" The Ladies Home Journal, September 1919


The Aeolian-Vocalion Play for the Dance, The Saturday Evening Post, 1919


"You can dance to the very last note." The Ladies Home Journal, April 1920

Emerson Dance Hits, The Saturday Evening Post, 1920

"And, oh, she dances such-a-way" The Delineator, October 1920


"Now we can dance" The Ladies Home Journal, June 1920


Victrola ad, 1920


Dance to the music of the famous bands and orchestras -- on the Victrola. The Saturday Evening Post, July 1920 (PM-2118)

There's real delight in dancing to the music of the Victrola - Artwork from 1921 Victrola ad


General Phonograph Corporation, The Talking Machine World, February 15, 1921


Illustration from Victrola ad, 1922


The Tango with Rudolph Valentine. The Talking Machine World, April 1923

Brunswick - The World's Greatest Dance Music Interpretation, The Saturday Evening Post, 1923 - Disclaimer

"Play it...and dance!" The Ladies Home Journal, July 1926


The Victrola beats out the deep measures that inspire good dancing." The Ladies Home Journal, 1926


BOOM...boom...the beat of the bass - Literary Digest November 19, 1927 (color version)

RCA Radiola Barn Dance, 1926


GE Musaphonic, 1947


Westinghouse Combination Radio-Phonograph, 1948


Stromberg-Carlson "Mayflower" FM-AM, Radio-Phonograph Combination with Early American Cabinet, 1948


RCA Victor, 1951


Webcor, House & Garden, 1961