Dancing with the Phonograph

Dance featured in Phonograph Ads


This gallery displays advertisements where dancing, made possible by the phonograph, is "yours at a moment's notice."


An impromptu dance on a summer evening




"Loud enough for dancing." Munsey's Magazine, 1904






"An Impromptu Dance with an Edison Phonograph," Pearson's Advertiser, 1906



Another consideration for close-up, impromptu dancing courtesy of the Phonograph Revolution, November 14, 1908, Colliers




"The instrument that is always ready to oblige with the best dance music..." Victor circa 1917




"Dance!" Life, February 26, 1914



Ladies Home Companion, 1915




Columbia Graphophone 1916





"The perfect music for the perfect partner! "The Ladies Home Journal, April 1919




"Dance any time -- the Victrola is always ready!" National Geographic, 1919



"Dance any time -- the Victrola is always ready!" Ladies' Home Journal, July 1919





"My Dance!" The Ladies Home Journal, September 1919




"You can dance to the very last note." The Ladies Home Journal, April 1920





"And, oh, she dances such-a-way" The Delineator, October 1920





"Now we can dance" The Ladies Home Journal, June 1920




Illustration from Victrola ad, 1922




"Play it...and dance!" The Ladies Home Journal, July 1926



RCA Radiola Barn Dance, 1926