Other Opportunties to Own a Phonograph

Phonographs cost too much? "We have solved the problem."



The Phonograph - "the greatest invention of the age..."

"We have solved the problem." The Echophone "will be shipped to you (express charges to be paid by the purchaser) and "Leslie's Weekly" every week for one year, for the remarkably low price of $8.00 - The Phonoscope, January 1897



Sell 35 lbs of Baker's Teas, Spices and Baking Power and "secure a Gramophone." Munsey's Magazine, 1897



Send $14.75 for "Family Combination Grocery Order" and get free Graphophone. The Cosmopolitan Magazine 1899





Sell 36 of our new Jewelry Novelties and we will send you this Columbian Graphophone. The Saturday Evening Post April 4, 1903




Get a Columbia Disc Graphophone "practically free" if you subscribe to Omaha Bee for one year and pay $1.25 to receive the $12.50 disc graphophone fully equipped with one 50-cent disc record and 100 needles. Purchase of additional ten records is optional but if you don't then after one year the graphophone is no longer your property. Omaha Bee Newspaper, April 16, 1905



"Columbia Graphophones on Credit" - Spiegel, May, Stern Co. 1907




Circa 1908





"Edison Free Trial" - Collier's, February 1909




Capitol Record Club offer in 1969 of $19.96 plus shipping for "Deluxe Model Stereo Phonograph" by agreeing to buy 12 more records during the next twelve months.