Dogs and the Phonograph


Nipper, the Terrier that was the trademark for the Victor Talking Machine Company, promoted the phonograph, not by 'speaking' but by listening to his master's voice coming out of a gramophone horn. "Look for the Dog" and "His Master's Voice" were two phrases associated with the Nipper trademark which contributed to it becoming one of the most recognized product images in the history of advertising.

Phonographia has a separate gallery for Nipper who was featured in countless advertisements but was also an icon inspiring cartoons, parodies and other derivitive creations for over a century.

This gallery will include Nipper when he is the primary spokesman for an ad (and not simply a logo), but it will also document other dogs with connections to the phonograph.



Ad for Douglas "Mega" Horns, Munsey's magazine, November 1903 (2.75" x 4")




My Master's Voice on the Radio, 1932






Nipper Shop! Look! Listen! 1947





Cartoon by Chon Day from The New Yorker, 1954





Sony Stereo for Dogs - "If a dog doesn't like it he can lump it." 1967




Maureen McGovern signs RCA Victor record contract, 1991