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NipperArt is a gallery featuring artwork related to Nipper, the Terrier that was the trademark for the Victor Talking Machine Company and its later RCA incarnation. This part Bull Terrier, part Fox Terrier dog didn't find a home with Edison but Nipper did go on to become one of the most recognized product images in the history of advertising.

Being so famous Nipper has inspired numerous cartoons, parodies and other derivitive creations for over a century.

Enjoy how this icon associated with the beginning of the phonograph's entry into the home continues to be seen in the Twenty-first Century in various formats still listening to His Master's Voice.



Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph (Original)

Artist: Francis Barraud, 1898

Media: Oil on canvas, 36" x 28"

Description: The original painting by Francis Barraud displayed an Edison-Bell Phonograph as the featured talking machine"






Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph (Revised)

Artist: Francis Barraud, 1898

Media: Photograph

Description: Francis Barraud revised his Phonograph painting with what was to become known as "His Master's Voice"


Leonard Petts, author of the Story of Nipper and the 'His Master's Voice' picture (published for The Talking Machine Review International, 1973), quotes Alfred Clark (Managing Director of the Gramophone Company in 1935) as follows: "He (Francis Barraud) took it to a company then prominent in the sale of wax cylinder phonographs, to see whether they were interested enough to acquire it. They did not seem at all impressed by the originality and beauty of the picture, but asked for more time to think it over."

Barraud replaced the cylinder machine (an Edison commercial model) with a brass horn and a talking machine supplied by The Gramophone Company. Johnson's company then purchased the updated picture.






The Moorestown, New Jersey Nipper's, Roots of Nipper

Artist: Margaret Ingersoll, c. 2005

Media: Paint on fiberglass

Sponsor: Lockheed Martin

This is just one of the 30 statues that was displayed in Moorestown, NJ in 2005.

NOTE: Click on this Nipper to see the entire Nipper exhibition

Photographs courtesy of Nipper 2005







Artist: Unknown

Media: Color postcard, Berlin, 4 1/4" x 5 3/4"






His Master's Voice

Artist: Anne van Wijk, Amsterdam, 1988

Media: Collage, color postcard, 4 1/2" x 5 3/4"






His Master's Voice - You are the Girl for Me

Artist: Unknown

Media: Postcard, circa 1912






His Master's Voice (with Apologies)

Artist: Tom Brown, Publisher: Davidson Bros.

Media: Postcard, circa 1903






Artist: A.E. Kennedy

Media: Postcard, circa 1911






His Master's Voice - Back cover of Consolidated Talking Machine Co. Catalogue

Artist: Francis Barraud, c.1901

Media: Embossed color paper, 4" x 6", 38 pages


Front cover of Consolidated Talking Machine Co. catalogue






Re-creation of His Master's Voice at the South Pole

Artist: Unknown

Media: Photograph, b-w

Scott's Antartica Expedition replaced the fox terrier with a husky listening to "His Master's Voice."







Home Music Voice

Artist: Unknown, c.1920

Media: Litho on tin

HMV imitation with chicken replacing Nipper






The Success Sausage Machine

Artist: Unknown, c.1905








Nipper with Television

Artist: Unknown, c.1985

Media: Ink on Paper







Worldly Wit

Artist: Unknown, 1988

Media: Ink on Paper (newspaper cartoon)







His Master's Visage

Artist: Stereo Review, October 1978

Media: Ink on Paper (magazine cartoon)







Not a word!

Artist: Unknown

Media: Postcard

A cat takes the place of Nipper in this postcard that depicts a cat waiting to hear something (instead of Nipper listening to his master's voice).

The card also features two double-meaning phonograph related phrases: you've 'broken the record" and "I'm winding up"







Frank and Ernest

Artist: Bob Thaves, 9-3-1988

Media: Newspaper cartoon







His Master's Voice Mail

Artist: Mike Peters, 11-13-1993

Media: Newspaper cartoon







His Master's Voice and Company

Artist: Captain Robert Falcon Scott, c.1901







Advertising Revealed

Artist: Hillary B. Price, November 23, 2003







His Master's Vice

Artist: Unknown, c.1905


This postcard is one of many Nipper parodies that changed the "o" in "Voice" to "i", to create "His Master's Vice".

Many of these cards featured Nipper and the whiskey bottle. This card actually depicts multiple vices.

But since Nipper represented the "World's Greatest Music", isn't it natural that these other vices would join Nipper to complete the trilogy of "Wine, Women and Song?"










Color Management for Photographers

Artist: Unknown, c. 2005

Media: Bookcover

A Nipper-like dog watches and listens to music on a computer...the new master of the 21st century.








His Master's Voice

Media: Color postcard shaped like Nipper c.2005








Master Your Music

Artist: Unknown, 2006

Media: PC Magazine, August 22, 2006

Homage to Nipper, listening to an Apple video iPod







Old Records Go In, CDs Come Out

Artist: Stuart Goldenberg, 2006

Media: Newspaper illustration (New York Times August 17)








Pathe Marconi

Artist: Unknown

Media: Advertisement reprint on canvas, 8" x 10"








Amazon and Nipper, June 2016








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