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Advergraphs - Phonograph Slogans, Phrases and Logos


An Age of Wonders - Wonders, Wizards and Alladin's Lamp


Apple Launches Apple Music, June 2015 - The History of Sound - 127 Years of Recorded Music


"Artists Inside the Horn"


At Home or at the Opera


"Both are...?" The 1914 Victor Advertising Campaign


Carola - The Nightingale of Phonographs


Cather's Opera Prototypes and the Phonograph - Overview


Ernestine Schumann-Heink - Recording Artist and Willa Cather Opera Prototype

Geraldine Farrar - Recording Artist and Willa Cather Opera Prototype

Lillian Nordica - Recording Artist and Willa Cather Opera Prototype

Lucrezia Bori - Recording Artist and Willa Cather Opera Prototype

Mary Garden - Recording Artist and Willa Cather Opera Prototype

Olive Fremstad - Recording Artist and Willa Cather Opera Prototype


Clear as a Bell - The Sonora Phonograph


The Columbia Twentieth Century Graphophone


Double Service from Edison's Phonograph - Amusement and Language Study


Edison Tone Tests 1915-1925


Happy Homes - Something for Everyone


Hear It Anywhere


"Looking for the Band"


New Victor Records for January 1919




Other Opportunities to Own a Phonograph


Portable Phonographs






The Phonograph - Massani's 'Old Couple'


Phonograph Related Ads in January 1919 TMW


Phonograph Signs and Billboards


The Phonograph with a Soul


Pre-1900 Ads - A Talking Machine for the Home


1900-1905 Ads - Delight and Celebrated Artists Enter the Home


1906-1910 Ads - Welcome the Phonograph into the Home


Shopping for a Phonograph


The Stage of the World - The Best Seat in the House. Forever. ©


The "Talkers" Sentimental Side - Appealing to the customer's 'human' side


Victor Book of the Opera


Victor Talking Machine Co. Ads - External Link


"Which is which?" The 1908 Victor Advertising Campaign



Factolas Menu

Autostops - "Don't get up"


Believe it or Not Factolas!


"Bottles it up for future use"


Connections and the Phonograph Industry - Doug Boilesen 2020


Cylinder records referenced in The Christmas of the Phonograph Records by Mari Sandoz


Dictionary of Phonographia


Dogs and the Phonograph


Edison: From the Telephone and Telegraph Comes the Phongraph - An AMERICAN EXPERIENCE PBS video


Edison: Invention in Late 19th-Century America - An AMERICAN EXPERIENCE PBS video


"Gone is the heyday of the vinyl record" - The Soundtrack to Your Life, With a Stream of Discoveries - 2012 New York Times


Hello or Ahoy? - "Halloo!" "Hello" and Edison


"Like a Broken Record"- Sounds Like, Plays Like...


Monopoly and the Gramophone


Newspapers named The Phonograph in honor of T.A. Edison


'-Ola' Talking Machine Brands

How many '-ola' Brands are there?


On this Day Phonograph Calendar

Birthdays: Legacy Friends of the Phonograph

Phonographia Red-Letter Days

RPM Birthdays & Unbirthdays



'Phone' & 'Graph' Brands

How many 'Phone' & 'Graph' Brands are there?


Phonograph as 'Dining' Entertainer




Phonograph Museums, Exhibits and On-Line Collections

PhonoAvenue - Phonograph and Related Museums around the world

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts - Woodstock Music Festival Museum, Bethel, NY

The Charles H. Templeton Sr. Music Museum, Mississippi State University Library, MS

Charmsori Gramophone Museum and Edison Science Museum, Gangneung, South Korea

Deutsches Phonomuseum, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Dougherty Museum, Longmont, CO

Edison Ford Museum, Fort Meyers, Florida

Edison's Menlo Park Laboratory, the Henry Ford, Greenfield Village, Michigan

Edison Museum, Beaumont, TX

Edison Phonograph Museum, Mount Pleasant, TX

Grammophonicum Museum, Bregenz, Austria

The Grammy's Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Johnson Victrola Museum, Dover, New Jersey

Kanazawa Phonograph Museum Kanazawa, Ishikawa Japan

MAMI, Museum of Automated Musical Instruments, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo-ken 662-0088, Japan

Museum Collection, Moscow, Russia

Museum of Sound Discovery, Saint-Fargeau, France

The Music House Museum, Traverse City, Michigan

National Museum of African American Music, Nashville, TN

Norwegian Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine, Norsk Teknisk Museum, Oslo

Paris Phono Museum, Paris, France

Pioneer Village, Minden, Nebraska

The Riverdale Science Museum, Riverdale, USA

The Sanfilippo "Place de la Musique", Barrington, IL

Smithsonian National Museum of American History - Dolby Gateway to American Culture, Washington, D.C.

The Stagecoach Inn Museum, Newbury Park, CA

Thomas Edison Butchertown House, Louisville, KY


Phonograph On-Line Collections

PhonoExhibits - Temporary Phonograph Exhibits

The Legacy Exhibit - Lincoln, Nebraska

The Phonograph and Its Future - Westminster Public Library, September 2018

Talking Clocks and the Phonograph - Westminster Public Library, December 2017

Vinyl Culture - Temporary Exhibit, Munich, Germany December 2008

Revolutions per Minute Exhibit - SFO Museum, Terminal 2 San Francisco Airport, October 2011


Phono-Sightings - Phonographs in non-phonograph specific displays (random sightings WIP)

Basel Toy World Museum, Basel, CH

Historic Park Museum, Frisco, CO

Museum of Making Music (MoMM), Carlsbad, CA

Sentinel Newspaper Museum, Eureka, NV


Summary List of Phonographia Factolas


Teddy Bears and the Phonograph


The Phonograph and its Future 1878 - Edison's Probabilities


Letter Writing



Educational Purposes


Family Record

Phonographic Books




Advertising, etc

Speech and other Utterances

Perfect the telephone and revolutionize present systems of telegraphy



The Phonograph - The Evolution of a Revolution


The Phonograph Lives! - Voyager


Tut-mania and the Phonograph - King Tut and the Phonograph circa 1923




The Promotion of Opera in The Immortal Voice, Bray Studios 1923


Record and Album Cover Factolas


The 150 Greatest Albums Made By Women - NPR List 2017 - Turning the Tables

The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time by ROLLING STONE 2020

Bob Dylan Bringing It All Back Home

Comedy on Records - Comedy recordings from cylinder to vinyl

Cut Yourself a Piece of Cake - 1923 Comedy Song Hit

Furthest Distance from Earth a Record Played on a Turntable

The Hokey-Pokey

The "Hound Dog" Original Recording

The Moody Blues' The Present album cover

The Most Romantic Cylinder Recording made in the 21st Century?

NASA Beams Song "Across The Universe" Into Deep Space

New (twenty-three) Victor Records Released for January 1919

Nipper in Time after Time Music Video - Cyndi Lauper

Pure Prairie League - Dreams of Long Ago


Bruce Springsteen's Fire - Side B

Video Game Soundtracks on Vinyl

Vinyl Record Resurgence Factola - 2019

What do Rally Playlists Say About the Candidates?



Record Listening Booths


Regina Company, Phonographs and the What-if?


Sewing Machines and the Phonograph


What Tree Rings Sound Like Played on a Record Player


Why December 6th? Celebrating the Birthday of the Phonograph



PhonoArt Menu



FOTP Favorite LP Album Covers


i-Phono Logos


Nipper Art


Phonograph Album Covers


PhonoArt by PhonoFriends


PhonoArt in Collections & Museums






The Phonograph in the Movies

The Eiffel Tower, an Edison Record and Tomorrowland





Abide - Poems by Jake Adam York, 2014

Another Adventure of Elsie and the Bunny, Cadbury Ltd, c.1920's

BLACK HOLE BLUES and Other Songs from Outer Space by Janna Levin, 2016

The Boys' Own Phonograph by John Lewees, St. Nicholas, January 1880

The Castle of the Carpathians by Jules Verne, 1893

The Christmas of the Phonograph Records, by Mari Sandoz, 1966

The Christmas Secret, by David Delamare, 1991

Le Courrier Véritable, Parisian pamphlet, 1632

Curious George Goes to the Hospital by Margret & H.A. Rey, 1966

Dead Musicians by Siegfried Sassoon, 1918

Gargantua and his son Pantagruel How among the frozen words Pantagruel found some odd ones. by Francois Rabelais, 1653

The Girl He Left Behind Him by Howard Taylor, The Talking Machine World, 1906

Good Night Sesame Street - Fisher-Price and Sesame Street, 1979

Hauntiques by Thomas Kingsley Troupe, 2016

Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge? - The Time Warp Trio by Jon Scieszka, 2002

How We Gave a Phonograph Party - The Phonoscope, December 1899

The Image by Daniel J. Boorstin, 1962

The Jukebox Man by Jacqueline K. Ogburn, 1998

Just Imagine by Pippa Goodhart, 2012

Keeping Time by Tim Dooley, 2008

Kids Big Book of Time - Readers Digest, by William Edmonds, 1994

Lost in the Grooves by Kim Cooper and David Smay, 2005

Love and Other Consolation Prizes by Jamie Ford, 2017

Love and the Phonograph - The Phonoscope, March 1899

The Magic of Melody by Edgar March, Maclean's Magazine, August 15, 1933

Millie and the GEM Phonograph - A Love Story - The Phonogram June 1900

The Music Stops by E. M. Forster, 1909

Needledee and Needledum - A Funnigraph Record by Peter Newell, 1914

Mr. Openeer's Christmas - Phonograph Short Stories - The Phonoscope, November 1899

No Escape From Black Holes? Stephen Hawking Points to a Possible Exit by Dennis Overbye, The New York Times, 2016

The Patchwork Girl of Oz, by L. Frank Baum, 1913

The Phonograph and the Graft by O. Henry, McClure's Magazine, 1903

The Phonograph in 1614 by The Phonogram, 1892

The Phonograph in Country Towns by a Local Phonograph Agent, The Phonogram, 1891

The Phonograph Girls and Columbia's Twentieth Century Phonograph, The Talking Machine World, 1906

The Phonograph Witness. A Drama in Five Acts by George W. Hill, 1883

Pleasures of Music by Jacques Barzun, 1952

The Revenge of Analog - Real Things and Why They Matter by David Sax, 2016

The Rocket Book, by Peter Newell, 1912

Round the Fire: VIII The Story of the Japanned Box by A. Conan Doyle, 1899

That Voice - A Phonograph related romance, The Red Cloud Chief, June 20, 1878

The Shallows by Nicholas Carr, 2011

The Tables Turned - A Farce in One Act by John Kendrick Bangs, 1893

Tea Rex by Molly Idle, 2013

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, 2003

The Tribulations of a Chinaman, by Jules Verne, 1879

The Valentines' Victrola by Harriet Lummis Smith, 1919

A Voyage to the Moon by Cyrano de Bergerac, 1899

Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories and other disasters, by Jean Shepherd, 1971

The Waste Land, by T.S. Eliot, lines 253-256 with Eliot's note for line 253 referencing V. Goldsmith, the song in The Vicar of Wakefield.

Welcome to Samantha's World 1904 - The American Girls Collection American Girl™, 1999

With the Eyes Shut by Edward Bellamy, October 1889 The Harper's New Monthly Magazine


PhonoLithos - Lithographics for Toy Phonographs


Phono Needle Art






Phonographs in Other Ads


Phonograph Floats




Archie and Friends

Assorted Post-1950 Cartoons

Assorted Pre-1950 Cartoons

Blondie and Dagwood

Comic Book Covers

Dennis the Menace

Menace of Mechanical Music



Political Humor

Talking Machine World Cartoons

Talking Toy Humor

Tom and Jerry

Uncle Josh Stories and Records

The Yellow Kid and Pore Lil Mose

What day is it? - George & Gracie



Sheet Music with Phono Cover Art


Stereoviews and the Phonograph


Valentine Cards


Vogue Picture Discs




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About this Site - Postscript


Birthday Calendar of Legacy Friends of the Phonograph


December 6th Edison Phonograph Birthday Parties


Edison: Boyhood and Teen Years (PBS AMERICAN EXPERIENCE video)


Favorites and Top Five Lists by Friends of the Phonograph


FOTP Favorite LP Albums


FOTP Favorite Songs


FOTP Favorite Album Cover


FOTP Favorite Movies


FOTP Top Five by Topics



FOTP Happy Birthday Song - Play this on the Anniversary of your Birth


Friends of Nipper


Friends of the Phonograph Go GREEN


In Memory of Friends of the Phonograph


Memories of the Phonograph - Stories by Friends of the Phonograph


PhonoAvenue - Phonograph Museums from around the world


PhonoExhibits and Displays - Temporary


Phonograph Related Resources for Remembering the Phonograph


Phonograph On-Line Collections


Phono-Sightings - Phonographs on display as part of another display (e.g., 1920's Period Room)


Red Letter Days


RPM Birthdays & Unbirthdays


Temporary Phonograph Related Exhibits


Six Degrees of Separation Stories and Musings by DB


About - Postscript - Doug Boilesen 2020

"Canned Music - Share a Coke and a Song" - Doug Boilesen 2016

DB's Musing - "Pause and Step-back" September 2, 2021 - Popular Culture Connections and Politics

Dearborn or Bust 1967 - The trip to Greenfield Village and Edison's Menlo Park via my 1917 Model T - Doug Boilesen - 2015

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover...Unless is has a Phonograph on it - Discovering Abide by Jake Adam York - Doug Boilesen 2019

"Home on the Range" - Connections and an "Our Song" - Doug Boilesen 2017

How Axel and Doug Boilesen acquired the John Johnson 5”x 7” glass negatives in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1965. - Doug Boilesen and Doug Keister 2012

Phonographia and One Perspective on Collecting - Doug Boilesen 2018

Public Libraries as Record Lenders - Nutley Public Library 2017 - Doug Boilesen 2020







The Axel and Betty Boilesen Legacy Exhibit

About the Legacy Collection


The Legacy Exhibit


Axel's Phonograph Story


Betty's Phonograph Story


Axel's Other Stories - Growing up in Cotesfield


Betty's Other Stories - Growing up in Elba


Phonographia Multimedia Presentations


Adventures of a Cyclist - A Magic Lantern Presentation accompanied by The Edison Concert Band playing Ye Ancients March, Edison Gold Moulded Record No. 8946 (1905)


Adventures of Mr. Snapshot - A Magic Lantern Presentation accompanied by The Edison Military Band performing American Students’ Waltzes, Edison Record No. 8740 (1904)


America - A Magic Lantern Presentation with artwork by Joseph Boggs Beale and accompanied by The Indestructible Military Band performing The Star Spangled Banner and America, Indestructible Record No. 3943 (1908)


Annie's Treat - A Magic Lantern Presentation accompanied by an 1896 Regina music box playing The Nightingale Song.


Are Mr. and Mrs. Snapshot at Home? - A Magic Lantern Presentation accompanied by brown wax cylinder recording of Nanon Waltz, circa 1891-1893.


Break the News to Mother - A Magic Lantern Presentation accompanied by J.W. Myers singing Break the News to Mother, Columbia Records.


A Christmas Carol - A Magic Lantern Presentation using Newton & Co. Slides (1884) of Charles Dicken's story accompanied by “The Carol Singers” performing "God rest you, merry gentlemen" on Edison Blue Amberol Record No. 3346 (1917)


A Christmas Carol - A dramatized presentation featuring illustrations from print editions (1844–1915) and the recording of “The Awakening of Scrooge” on Edison Amberol Record No. 12378 (1911) performed by Bransby Williams as Ebenezer Scrooge who awakens on Christmas Day.


The Cyclists' Elopement - A Magic Lantern Presentation illustrated by Bamforth & Co., (1897) accompanied by Peaceful Henry played by The Edison Concert Band, Edison Gold Moulded Record No. 8562 (1903)

Peaceful Henry - Edison Record No. 8562 Release Notes:The Edison Phonograph Monthly 1903; Sheet Music, Dealer Programme

Edison: From the Telephone and Telegraph Comes the Phonograph (An AMERICAN EXPERIENCE PBS video)


Edison: Invention in Late 19th-Century America (An AMERICAN EXPERIENCE PBS video)


Happy Birthday Song for Friends of the Phonograph - a.k.a. Your Birth Anniversary Song


Happy New Year - Auld Lang Syne - Phonograph ephemera accompanied by Auld Lang Syne performed by the Mediaval Baebes, 2014


Killarney - A Magic Lantern Presentation accompanied by Miss Marie Narelle singing Killarney, Edison Gold Moulded Record No. 9081 (1905).

Killarney No. 9081 - The Edison Phonograph Monthly Release Notes, Humourous Incident and Miss Marie Narelle


Nursery Rhymes - A Magic Lantern Presentation Illustrated by W. Butcher & Sons, London (ca. 1910) accompanied by Thousand-and-One Nights Waltz played by the Edison Concert Band (1908)


The Phonograph - An American Experience PBS video - This excerpt from PBS's 2015 “Edison” focuses on Edison's December 7, 1877 demonstration of his phonograph at the New York City offices of “Scientific American” and the fame it brought him.


Ring Out the Bells for Christmas - Phonograph ephemera accompanied by Ring Out the Bells for Christmas, Edison Record No. 9806 (1907)


The Song of Mr. Phonograph - 2016 Version by ©Nick Jester and ©2020 Phonographia


Snowball Fight in Lyon, France 1897 - A Lumière brothers film accompanied by Snow Queen performed by the Indestructible Military Band (1909)


Uncle Josh and the Lightning Rod Agent - Uncle Josh's encounter with a Lightning Rod Agent from his 1905 book Uncle Josh's Punkin Centre Stories by Cal Stewart, "The Talking Machine Story Teller.


Uncle Josh on a Bicycle - Uncle Josh's rides a bicycle for the first time from his 1905 book Uncle Josh's Punkin Centre Stories by Cal Stewart, "The Talking Machine Story Teller."


W.K.L. Dickson Greets Friends of the Phonograph - William Dickson moving hat from one hand to another, Edison Studio, May 1891 Courtesy Library of Congress accompanied by Edison Record "Blue Ribbon March"


W.K.L. Dickson's Kinetophonographic Movie - combined sound and film in 1895 (Courtesy Library of Congress)


Workers Exit the Lumière Factory in Lyon, France 1895 - A Lumière brothers film accompanied by Everybody Works But Father sung by Bob Roberts (1905)


The Phonogram, August 1902






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