Tin Lithograph Toy Phonographs




Bingophone II circa 1925 Germany - Octogon panels 10" diameter gramophone


























Gama Phola - German toy phonograph manufactured in 1920's
















(1) The Bing Corporation in New York, which was the American branch of the German company called Bing Werke (Gebrüder Bing AG) in Nuremberg. In 1925 the Bing Corporation introduced its own gramophone called Bingophone. (Courtesy of the 78rpm-Club)









Dixyphone - German toy phonograph manufactured in 1920's



















Kiddyphone - Mfg by Bing - German Toy Phonograph Manufacturer c. 1925









Keimola - Made in Germany












Bingola I








Bing Pigmyphone (green model) circa 1925



Bing Pigmyphone (white model) circa 1925











Tin Toy Gramophone made in Germany circa 1925










Niftyola style gramophone (unmarked)











Genola – General Phonograph Company, Elvira, Ohio. EM



Decal on Genola











Nirona Gramophone circa 1925 Silhouette Lithographs










Reflecta-Gem – Made in England but based on the German Nirona, circa 1923

The decoration of the Reflecta-Gem is designed to exploit the Egyptian "Tutmania" craze that was sweeping the world after British archaeologist Howard Carter and his workmen entered the tomb of King Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt on November 26, 1922.



Listen to Edison Record 51155-L


Edison Disc 51155-L Old King Tut Released in June 1923

(Date courtesy of Edison Disc Recordings compiled by Raymond R. Wile)










Made in Germany circa 1920s - Trademark unidentified










Olaphon – Made by Weco ca. 1925's












The Fairy Phone - German toy phonograph manufactured in 1930's











Portofonic, New Fono Drumette, J. Chein & Co., circa 1930's, 78rpm record player. The 13” diameter by 4 ¾” tall tin lithographed drum body is titled “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”