Assorted Post 1950 Cartoons, Comics & Humor with Phonograph Connections



Frank and Ernest, by Bob Thaves, 2002

"Mary had a little lamb..." were the first words reported spoken by Edison into his tinfoil phonograph on December 6, 1877 at Menlo Park, NJ.


Courtesy of John Harnbrock and the


Irwin Caplan, ca.1950


The Addams Family by Charles Addams, 1954

The Saturday Evening Post, January 1, 1955


Cover by Hal Fox, Phonographianna Magazine, May-June 1956 ("The Magazine dedicated to the Record Collector and Music Enthusiast").

25 Watt Hi-Fi

Artist: Charles Rodrigues, HiFi & Music Review reprinted in February 1958 Stereo Review


Etta Kett by Paul Robinson, 1959


Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Episode 59, circa 1960




Nancy, 1961 - Courtesy Ernie Bushmiller and United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

HiFi Stereo Review, November 1963

Artist: Charles Rodrigues, February 1968 HiFi / Stereo Review



Artist: Charles Rodrigues, September 1975 Stereo Review

Artist: Charles Rodrigues, Stereo Review, August 1980


Artist: Charles Rodrigues, November 1980 HiFi / Stereo Review


The Purists, Artist: Unknown

Perry Barlow, The New Yorker


"Can't go out...nothing good on television" and apparently no interest in the record player. The conclusion: "Nothing to do..."

Extracted panel from Hi and Lois by Mort Walker and Dik Browne, 1971



The Wizard of Id by Parker and Hart, 1978


Marvin by Tom Armstrong, 1983


Marvin by Tom Armstrong, 1984


Dick and Jane™ by Chuck Roth, November 1984


Marvin by Tom Armstrong, 1985


Garfield ® by Jim David, 1985

Herman, February 11, 1987 Courtesy of Jim Unger


Priorities from two perspectives, Cathy by Cathy Guisewite, 1987


The Examiner Kids Page, Disney's Gummi Bears, 1987


Shylock fox, by Bob Weber, Jr., 1987


Celestion Speakers Ad, Audio magazine 1987


The Family Circus, February 11, 1987 Courtesy of Bill Keane

Test Record - Second Opinion

Artist: Charles Rodrigues, Stereo Review, May 1987

Rose is Rose® by Pat Brady, 1988

Charles Rodrigues, November 1990 Stereo Review


"Lilly", Gary Larson, Universal Press Syndicate, Lincoln Journal, October 3, 1991


June 22, 1991 Courtesy of Jim Unger


What's a Record? Artist: Bill Amend, 1998


Frank & Ernest by Bob Thaves, April 13, 2003


Courtesy of Syncopated Times



Calvin and Hobbes, September 2014, Artist: Bill Watterson


Hillary B. Price, Rhymnes with Orange, King Features Syndicate


The Buckets - LPs vs. CDs, Artist: Greg Cravens, October 7, 2007


The Attraction of Vinyl, Alex Gregory. The New Yorker, May 25, 2015


Old-School Music Streaming, Artist: Bizarro, 2018


R. Crumb, 2005


Mother Goose and Grimm, Artist: Mike Peters, 2018.


Bizarro, by Wayno & Piraro, 2018.

Recco by Joan Cornellà, 2017.




Courtesy of Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo News, July 6, 2012



Courtesy of Mark Anderson of


Courtesy of Daniel Beyers of

Bee-Gees, The Honey Bees (The 60's Girl Group)



Cartoon tribute to Allen Koenigsberg, author of the Antique Phonograph Monthly and Phonograph expert, from American cartoonist Bud Sagendorf, 1973

Courtesy Vinyl Tourist

Buddhist Public Humor Group (Facebook) - Courtesy of Ravin Man Bajracharya

ZITS by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, June 19, 2020

ZITS by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, November 17, 2021

ZITS by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, November 18, 2021

ZITS by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, November 19, 2021

ZITS by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, November 20, 2021

For some context in 2021 as to the ultimate, over-the-top turntable, see Stereophile's Review by Michael Fremer, August 27, 2021 of the TechDAS Air Force Zero Turntable listed at $450,000 for the base model (not including stand, cables, speakers or any of the power components like pre-amps, amps, power supply, etc.).

The price seems to almost demand that it be included on the Phonotoons page as phonograph humor or on the PhonoJokes page.

But it's no joke as this is not a one-off experiment in the pursuit of vinyl playing perfection but part of a 40-unit production run with the serial number of the review sample being 018.

The TechDAS Air Force Zero, unmeasurably beyond "a GOOD one." (Courtesy of Stereophile)


Courtesy Dan Piraro, November 22, 2021


Courtesy Lynn Johnston, December 22, 2021


Lincoln Journal Opinion page, February 9, 2022




Gaston, 2001 (on vacation) invents a disc brake for his 78 RPM phonograph (postcard)


Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos, The Lincoln Journal, September 3, 2023


by Chris Wildt, Cape Gazette, Deleware

posted by GeezerGuff on November 11, 2019


Plaque on horn from the La Victrola Project. Horn was relocated to Point San Pablo Harbor, Richmond, California

(Submitted by Friend of the Phonograph Mark Davis 2022)


Anything can be recorded

Courtesy Pat Brady, Andrews McMeel Syndication, Lincoln Journal.. January 13, 2023



Courtesy Garry Trudeau, Lincoln Journal, April 30, 2023


Baldo by Cantu & Castellanos, The Lincoln Journal, September 3, 2023


Rose is Rose by Pat Brady, The Lincoln Journal, December 23, 2023


Tape Recorder and CD Humor

One of Edison's predictions in 1878 was that the phonograph would be used for the purpose of preserving the sayings, the voices, and the last words of the dying member of the family -- as of great men--the phonograph will unquestionably outrank the photograph." This 1951 cartoon carries on that theme with the tape recorder now the technology of choice for recording sound in the home.


The Saturday Evening Post, September 1951






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