Assorted Post 1950 Cartoons, Comics & Humor with Phonograph Connections






Frank and Ernest

Artist: Bob Thaves, 2002

"Mary had a little lamb..." were the first words reported spoken by Edison into his tinfoil phonograph on December 6, 1877 at Menlo Park, NJ.



Courtesy of John Harnbrock and the






Irwin Caplan, ca.1950




The Saturday Evening Post, January 1, 1955





25 Watt Hi-Fi

Artist: Charles Rodrigues, HiFi & Music Review reprinted in February 1958 Stereo Review



Etta Kett by Paul Robinson, 1959








Nancy, 1961 - Courtesy Ernie Bushmiller and United Feature Syndicate, Inc.


November 1963




Artist: Charles Rodrigues, February 1968 HiFi / Stereo Review





Artist: Charles Rodrigues, September 1975 Stereo Review

Artist: Charles Rodrigues, Stereo Review, August 1980



Artist: Charles Rodrigues, November 1980 HiFi / Stereo Review


The Purists

Artist: Unknown


Perry Barlow, The New Yorker


Herman, February 11, 1987 Courtesy of Jim Unger






Celestion Speakers Ad, Audio magazine 1987







The Family Cirus, February 11, 1987 Courtesy of Bill Keane

Test Record - Second Opinion

Artist: Charles Rodrigues, Stereo Review, May 1987





Charles Rodrigues, November 1990 Stereo Review


Lincoln Journal, October 3, 1991


June 22, 1991 Courtesy of Jim Unger







What's a Record?

Artist: Bill Amend, 1998

Dagwood, 2001

Artist: Dean Young & Denis Lebrun, 7-1-2001





Bob Thaves, Frank and Ernest April 13, 2003



Courtesy of Syncopated Times




Blondie, 2012

©King Features Syndicate, 6-25-2012






Calvin and Hobbes, September 2014

Artist: Bill Watterson











The Buckets - LPs vs. CDs

Artist: Greg Cravens, October 7, 2007








The Attraction of Vinyl

Artist: Gregory









Old-School Music Streaming

Artist: Bizarro, 2018






R. Crumb, 2005





Mother Goose and Grimm

Artist: Mike Peters, 2018







Artist: Wayno & Piraro, 2018







Artist: Joan Cornellà, 2017










Courtesy of Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo News, July 6, 2012

















Courtesy of Mark Anderson of


Capitol Record Club, Magazine Advertisement 1965




Courtesy of Daniel Beyers of

Bee-Gees, The Honey Bees (The 60's Girl Group)




Courtesy of Daniel Beyers of 2016



Cartoon tribute to Allen Koenigsberg, author of the Antique Phonograph Monthly and Phonograph expert, from American cartoonist Bud Sagendorf, 1973




Courtesy Vinyl Tourist



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Buddhist Public Humor Group (Facebook) - Courtesy of Ravin Man Bajracharya


"The Stage of the World"

ZITS by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, June 19, 2020




The Saturday Evening Post, September 1951

Edison had predicted in 1878 that the phonograph would be used as a Family Record "for the purpose of preserving the sayings, the voices, and the last words of the dying member of the family -- as of great men--the phonograph will unquestionably outrank the photograph." This 1951 cartoon carries on that theme with the tape recorder now the technology of choice for recording sound in the home.