Phonograph Related Art in Museums and Pop Culture




Arrangement with Phonograph, Mask and Shell

Artist: Jan Matulka, circa 1930

Media: Oil on canvas

Location: National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

Description: This gramophone is a spring-powered disc player (note crank on right-hand side) with an internal horn and open grill. This model is typical of table top 78 rpm record players of the 1910's and 1920's.



Arrangement with Phonograph

Artist: Jan Matulka, 1929

Media: Oil on canvas

Location: Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City, New York



Interior with Phonograph (Interieur Au Phonograph)

Artist: Henri Matisse, 1924

Media: Oil on canvas

Location: Private collection.

Description: This interior scene is from the Matisse period where he featured colorful assortments of fabrics and textiles.The wallcoverings, drapes, rug and tablecover provide a rich setting for the open horn phonograph partially cut-off in the picture. The record player is a disc machine and appears to be a wooden horn model.




Recording Sound


Artist: Theodore Roszak, 1932

Media: plaster and oil on wood

Location: Smithsonian American Art Museum, Museum purchase, 1989.25


"Theodore Roszak celebrated the new recording technologies of the 1930s with this light-hearted painted relief. The horn of the phonograph resembles the ear of a listener, who hears the music and imagines the world of the opera, pictured with comical plaster figures on a tiny stage. Even the turntable, with one mechanical device resembling a costumed figure, evokes the stage where the performance occurred. A tiny balloon at the upper right suggests the fantasy and escape that music can provide. Circles and spirals throughout the image evoke the motion of sound waves and the grooves of “sound” cut into the master recording.

Recording Sound is in many ways a self-portrait. Roszak studied music, but chose to pursue a career in art. He was making the transition from painting to sculpture when he created this work, which has elements of both. Roszak imagined himself as a kind of machine that absorbed experiences, recreated them, and transmitted them to others, just as the new recording technology replayed real events for new audiences."

Exhibition Label, Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2006




His Master's Voice

Artist: Francis Barraud, 1898

Media: Oil on canvas, 36" x 28"

Location: Unknown

Description: Barraud's terrier named Nipper listening to the Victor Talking Machine. Painted 3 years after Nipper's death, this painting, originally sold to the Gramophone Company, became the trademark of the Victor Talking Machine Company. Edison had an opportunity to purchase this image (with an Edison machine displayed instead of a Gramophone) but declined.

See the Nipper Gallery for more related Nipper Art.




The Phonograph

Artist: Massani, circa 1905

Media: Oil on canvas

Location: Unknown

Description: Edison used this painting (in this case as an advertising postcard) in literally hundreds of thousands of Edison Phonograph advertisements.Massani's painting was titled "The Phonograph" but it is often called "The Old Couple.


The Phonograph "Reproducing Speech" from a sketch by C. A. Kettels, Harper's Weekly, March 1878





Frank Leslies' Illustrated Newspaper, March 30, 1878





Graphic of Pathe Phonograph - Plate Series of Great Science Discoveries. c. 1905




Walcutt & Leeds Records, The PhonoScope November 1896

Man, Woman and Phonograph by Oliver Herford from the Cabinet of American illustration (Library of Congress).





"To the Discerning One who appreciates a Good Thing, we commend our merchandise. A Phonograph in the home gives pleasure & enjoyment. Much content and peace of mind are thus attainable by a person musically inclined."

The National Phonograph Company trade magazine, The Phonogram, August 1902 woodcut




Getting Things Ironed Out with Caruso

Artist: Charles Wysocki, circa 1980

Media: Oil on canvas

Location: Unknown

Description: This turn-of-the-century domestic scene depicts a contented cat and dog listening to a phonograph while the woman of the house does the ironing.





Artist: LUCIEN BOUCHER, 1925

Media: Lithograph

Location: Private collection, No. 357

Description: Original lithograph from Boucher's series illustrating Paris shopfronts. They were gathered together as the album Boutiques in 1925 for prose poems by Mac Orlan. Printed and published in a total of 520 copies by Marcel Seheur, all on Arches paper. Sheet size: 225 x 185 mm ; Image size: 105 x 105 mm


Moscow Cafe 1916

Artist: Boris Mihajlovic Kustodiev, 1916

Media: Oil

Location: © Bridgeman Art Library / Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia



Little Maggie in a Magnola Talking Machine Advertisement, The Talking Machine World, January 1917



"I have enjoyed hours and hours of delightful music" advertisement art by J. Henry for Aeolian-Vocalian , 1920





"Music Unites the Family," Glass Advertising Magic Lantern Slide, Pathé circa 1922 (Collection of Phonographia)

"Beautiful songs knit hearts together and make the home happier."





Dog School

Artist: Arthur Thiele, c.1925

Media: Unknown

Location: Image from postcard





"The Phonograph' by Gabriel Dauchot

Lithograph 21.3" x 14.8"





Merry Teens Paper Dolls cover, 1953 (courtesy Kathleen Taylor)






Friends from Across the Lake study by Haddon H. Sundblom

Oil on canvas, Painting 26 x 23.5 x 1.5 inches - private collection (Courtesy MutualArt)






Watercolor by Peter Jackson 12" x 15", 1966

Edison demonstrating his phonograph. Published in Treasure, a British educational magazine for young children, August 20, 1966.






Bye Bye Blues

Artist: Ronald Searle 1974

Media: Lithograph




The Aristocrats

Artist: ©Disney Studios, 1970




Artist: Alexander Calder, 1976

Media: Color lithograph on paper

Description: Alexander Calder's signature is written inside the stylistic spiraling grooves of a record



Cat and Gramophone

Artist: Unknown

Media: Oil

Location: Unknown

Description: This Nipper style scene features a cat (instead of the Victor "Nipper" terrier) listening to a gramophone.





15-string Phonoharp

Artist: Walter Kitundu

Media: Wood-constructed turntable

Location: Museum of Craft and Folk Art, San Francisco, CA 2007

Description: This wood-constructed turntable relies on earthquakes for power. Displayed in the "Beats Per Minute" exhibition at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art.




The Lovers

Artist: Jacob Lawrence

Media: Oil

Location: Unknown

Description: Romance is a common theme for the phonograph in its "mood music" role. From an FOTP perspective this painting features wine, woman and song.







Rum, Bum and Wind-up Gramophone

Artist: Philip Core, 1979

Media: Painting, 145 x 175 cms

©Philip Core from the book Philip Core: Paintings 1975-85



Tiny Tunes Birthday

Artist: Todd Curtis, 1980

©Todd Curtis, Paper Moon Graphics






A Calabrian Worker’s Roman Sunday (Rocco with a Gramophone). by Renato Guttuso, 1960-1961, The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts



Illustration by Michael E. Sloan for book review of The Sound of My Voice by Ron Butlin, December 31, 1989



Yeah Yeah Girls

Artist: Kerry Beary, 2005

Media: Acrylic on canvas, 20"x20"

Location: Private collection





Another Smash

Artist: Kerry Beary, 2006

Media: Acrylic on canvas, 12"x12"

Location: Private collection







Artist: Kerry Beary, 2006

Media: Acrylic on canvas, 12"x12"

Location: Private collection, Limited Edition 200

Description from the artist: My inspiration comes from a myriad of things. I collect mid-century, Danish modern, 50's and 60's art, furniture, accessories, and fabrics. My husband and I purchased a modern home in sub-tropical Louisiana, built in 1953, and have been filling it with all things retro, vintage, Tiki, and fabulous! My paintings contain elements from my home, especially the lamps, patterns, and furnishings. My models are a blast from the past: photographs of my mother, who was a 50's and 60's fashion hair and makeup diva, advertisements, and of course the glamour of Hollywood and all those wonderful television shows! Leave it to Beaver, I Love Lucy, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie and so on. The clothes, the hair, the accessories, the decor; these old things are new again and here to stay. We have been collecting and acquiring these items for many years from many places: New York City, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Southern California, and right here in the Deep South!




Le Gramophone

Artist: Lucien Philippe Moretti, 1922-2000

Media: Limited Edition Lithograph, 26" x 21"

Location: Private collection, 29 of 125

Description: Lucien P. Moretti was a people-watcher, said to never be without his drawing pad. Moretti captured interesting characters and faces, and in this lithograph ot multiple vignettes he features a young girl listening to a gramophone.





Penn Station in New York City had this display on view in 2006 celebrating New Jersey's contribution to culture and civilization. Sponsored by the City of Newark, NJ, an artistic interpretation of Edison's early Phonograph is seen here with another Edison contribution, moving pictures, to the right.



Dreams of Long Ago

Artist: Norman Rockwell

Media: Lithograph with pencil signature from edition of 200

Location: Private collection

Description: The model for this Saturday Evening Post cover of August 13, 1927 was James Van Brunt. Posed next to a Victor Talking Machine he held a Victor record titled, 'Dreams of Long Ago.'

"This record was recorded by Enrico Caruso, an Italian tenor whom Rockwell had met during his work at the Metropolitan Opera House in 1912. The lyrics include: "shadows are falling and I sit alone/My heart recalling Memories when you were my own." Van Brunt's pose and expression in this piece suggest a wistful nostalgia for a time passed". The Norman Rockwell Museum





A Funny Story

Artist: Unknown, 1911

Published by "Chatterbox"

Media: Print, 7 1/4 x 5 1/2






Dancing pour midinettes

Artist: George Pavis, 1929

Published by Fantasio?

Media: Lithograph





Picturetone Records packaging for 6 Folk Dances, Unbreakable Children's Records, 1948






Saluting the Grammy's

Artist: Fazzini, c 2002

Media: 3-D Serigraph, 15"x 17.5", limited edition

Location: Private collection






Birds and Gramophone

Artist: Schlomo Schwartz

Media: Mixed media, watercolor, chalk and gouache, 19 1/2" x 27"

Location: Private collection

Description: Shlomo Schwartz was born in Bukovina, 1934, imigrated to Israel in 1948. He studied art with Aharon Avni, and continued studies at the Avni Institute of Art and Sculpture under the direction of Moshe Mokadi, his persomal instructors were Marcel Janco, Stematzky, Streichman and others.





Die Macht der Musik / The Power of Music

Artist: George Grosz, 1922

Media: Monochrome Lithograph 7' x 9.5"

Location: Private collection

Description: This piece was illustrated by popular German artist George Grosz (1893-1959) was known for his irreverent caricatures of life in Berlin during the 1920s. Before he emigrated to the United States in the early 1930s he was a member of both the Dada movement and a verist of the New Objectivity group in Weimar Republic of Germany. While in the US, he ventured away from caricatures, preferring instead to focus on landscapes and watercolors.




The Menaced Assassin

Artist: Rene Magritte, 1927

Media: Oil, canvas, 195.2 x 150.4 cm

Location: : Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

Description: The Menaced Assassin is a 1927 oil on canvas painting by Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte. The main subject of the painting, a blood-smeared nude woman, is seen lying on a couch. The assassin of the painting's title, a well-dressed man, stands ready to leave, his coat and hat on a chair next to his bag. He is however delayed by the sound of music, and in an unhurriedly relaxed manner, listens to a gramophone. In the meantime, two men armed with club and net wait in the foyer to ensnare him, as three more men also watch from over the balcony.

Information from





Teenagers in the style of Margaret Keane Big Eyes

Artist: Eve

Circa 1970's




Peaches Records & Tapes first opened in 1974 on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles as a music and entertainment retailer. "They were known for huge reproductions of the album covers of the latest releases on the side of its buildings and for selling records from wooden crates with the chain's colorful fruit-crate style logo on the side". Wikipedia

Peaches filed for bankruptcy in 1981.





Thomas Alva Edison lithograph for cigar box, circa 1890




Edison Lithograph - Advertisement circa 1908

Size: 37 x 28 (30 x 20.25 visible) Date of Sale: 6/10/11 by Wm Morford Auctions




Artist: Elena Maria Ospina Mejia

Location: Unknown

Description: Elena Maria Ospina Mejia is a painter, illustrator and cartoonist from Columbia. This image was found on the European Cartoon gallery website.

Information from






Coqui Music

Artist: Kaitlin Choi Vuksanic, 2006

Media: Gouache, 2/5" x 3.5"

Location: Private collection




Imagination is my bestest friend

Artist: Fabio Napoleoni, 2012?

Media: Oil, 18" x 24"

Location: Private collection






Let me play amongst the stars

Artist: Fabio Napoleoni, 2013?

Media: Limited Edition Giclee on Paper, 10" x 14"

Location: Private collection


IRENE illustration by Christoph Nieman for Diablo Magazine article

"Going on Record" by Justin Goldman, July 2008 (1)






Brian Wilson's Broken Heart Club

From Pete McKee's ©Great Moments in Music collection and courtesy of Pete McKee

'His nemesis struck for the last time.' Print available for purchase at Shop McKee

Design for Love

From Pete McKee's ©Thud Crackle Pop collection and courtesy of Pete McKee

Print available for purchase at Shop McKee




How We Listened to John Peel


Artist: Pete McKee and courtesy of ©Pete McKee

Media: Art Print - Available for purchase at Shop McKee

Watch Episode 1 - Pete McKee Art History Video for more details about Pete McKee, his art and this piece.








Artist: Unknown, Pacific Sheets, 1945

Media: Magazine ad

Description: This magazine ad from 1945 features a young woman enjoying her record player, telephone and lush bed sheets. The next generation of teens would replace these 78's and have a stack of 45 rpms playing music in their bedrooms.





Unknown title

Artist: F. Hardy

Media: Illustration on paper

Location: Private collection

Description: This illustration by F. Hardy is from the French magazine La Vie Parisienne. The 1929 image depicts a sultry smoking lady playing a record on the gramophone.





Listening to the Gramophone - Antique car and Gramophone - Ex Libris

Artist: V. Jakstas

Media: Mixed media, watercolor, chalk and gouache, 19 1/2" x 27"

Location: Private collection

Description: Ex Libris Bookplates, 8.0 x 6.0 cm






What is the Phonograph?

Artist: Unknown

Media: Woodcut engraving

Description: Wood engraving from FRANK LESLIE’S BOYS AND GIRLS WEEKLY Illustrated Journal (New York), dated June 15, 1878. Featured in this issue is the article “WHAT IS THE PHONOGRAPH?” containing the wood engraving (left): “PROFESSOR EDISON EXHIBITING THE PHONOGRAPH TO VISITORS, AT HIS LABORATORY, MENLO PARK” (7” X 9 1/2”).

The article reads, “The simple piece of mechanism known as the phonograph, invented by the now celebrated American, Thomas A. Edison, of Menlo Park, N.J., must be regards as one of the most astonishing triumphs of the human mind over matter...In mechanism the phonograph is simplicity itself. It consists of a cylinder of brass, mounted on a horizontal axis, supported by two bearers, and revolved either by hand, clock-work or steam power...The groove between the threads of the cylinder surface are intended to govern the trace of the needle or point attached to the vibrator when passing over the revolving surface. The vibrator is a small annular frame of wood, over the orifice of which is placed a thin plate of tin type...”.





Clarabelle Cow and the Phonograph

Artist: Walt Disney Productions ©

Media: Card stock 1 3/4" x 2 3/4"

Location: Private collection

Description: This image is from a Walt Disney Vintage Card issued in Sweden in the early 1970s.







Sonora - the Aristocrat of Phonographs

Artist: Hilma Lehmann

Media: Sketch, watercolor, July 30, 1922

Location: Private collection

Description: Living room scene with the caption "The Friend you need at your fireside for cheerful Winter Evenings." Sonora's trademark was a bell with the slogan "Clear as a Bell." This sketch was for a Sonora Advertisement for a Trolley Car Sign.





The Gramophone

Artist: J. H. Dowd

Media: Black and white print from book of children's drawings, "People of Importance," illustrated by J. H. Dowd, 1938

Location: Private collection

Description: J.H. Dowd is said to have captured "simply and beautifully the characteristic actions and ever changing moods of children", as illustrated in this pencil drawing print. 5 1/2" x 8 3/4"




Sita Sings the Blues, c. 2003

Artist: Nina Paley & Stephen Hersh





South Bronx TATS CRU Mural 2018


Welcome to the South Bronx. East 134th Street and mural by TATS CRU with record player

Credit: Devin Yalkin for The New York Times






The UPS Store, Inc.,float, winner of the 130th Tournament of Roses Parade Sweepstakes Award, Pasadena, Calif., January 1, 2019

(Courtesy AP Photo/Michael Owen Baker)



Another angle of the UPS Store, Inc. float with Gramophone leading the way - Courtesy of Pasadena Star-News

For additional Phonograph related floats visit Phonographia's Phonograph Floats


Digital jukebox. A "Work of art."

Apple Power Mac G4 Cube Brochure ©2001 Apple Computer Inc. PM-1340





The La Victrola Project - Burning Man, 2016 and 2017 - See website for more details


From a distance, La Victrola’s 35-foot high horn has a distinctive physical signature. A closer look reveals panels of perforated steel with hand-riveted sheet metal ornaments. Two tons of graceful curved steel ribbing allow this beautiful structure to float on its massive single arm. Nestled deep in its horn, a small speaker crackles away with a long lost song. Its Art Nouveau details and subtle lighting help transport viewers to a distant time and place. At the Burning Man Arts festival in 2016 and 2017, La Victrola produced interactive cabaret shows nightly featuring burlesque, jazz, blues, bellydancing and a 40 person orchestra. Information courtesy the La Victrola Project.








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