This gallery features poster art related to the phonograph.



Artist: Alexander Calder, circa unknown

Media: Poster

Alexander Calder's signature is written inside the stylistic spiraling grooves of a record.



A Love Message

Artist: Guernsy Moore, c1908

Media: Paper (Poster)




Fonotipia Odeon

Artist: Unknown, c1908




The Pathephone

Artist: Unknown, c1908




Now for Some Music

Artist: C.B. Falls, 1918

Media: Paper, 19" x 29"

This poster was displayed in a Department store in 1918 to solicit customers to bring in records that weren't being used, which in turn would be sent to the soldiers in camps or overseas. Scrap metal drives, paper drives and even phonograph record drives were part of all citizens doing their part to support the war.

Click here to read a phonograph memory by Axel Boilesen relating the fate of their Edison Amberol phonograph in support of WWII.




Artist: Unknown, c1922



El Gramophone

Artist: Unknown, c1920



Philips AG 4000

Artist: Unknown, c1963

Media: Photograph/Poster (Advertisement)





Artist: Paul-André Perret , c. 1963



La Voix De Son Maitre

Artist: Unknown, c1948



Grafonfoni Columbia

Artist: Unknown, c1923



Casa America

Artist: Unknown, c1929



Albert Collins Vancouver Concert

Artist: G.R. Shankaruk, 1973

Location: Private collection, 11" x 17"

Concert poster for Albert Collins at Egress in Vancouver, British Columbia, 1973.



Counting Crows at the Warfield

Artist: Craig Howell, 2002

Media: Concert poster on card stock, 13" x 19" card stock

Concert poster for Counting Crows at The Warfield in San Francisco, 2003.



Fatboy Slim at the Fillmore

Artist: Craig Howell, 2001

Media: Concert poster on card stock, 13" x 19" card stock

Concert poster for Fatboy Slim at the Fillmore in San Francisco, 2001.



Handsome Boy Modeling School

Artist: Nigel Sussman, 2005

Media: Concert poster on card stock, 2005, 13" x 19" card stock

Concert poster for The Handsome Boy Modeling School at the Fillmore in San Francisco.



Jeff Tweedy at the Fillmore 2006

Artist: Justin Page, 2006

Media: Concert poster on card stock, 12" x 19" card stock

Concert poster for Jeff Tweedy at the Fillmore in San Francisco.



DJ Shadow

Artist: EMEK, 2006, 22" x 22"

Silkscreen on black paper with silver ink edition of 33 1/3 (like a record!) (and its square like an LP cover)

Originally this was going to be a more visually complex poster, more like Emek's last TOOL poster... reflective of the Dark Days soundtrack or something like that....but then we heard Shadow's new album, and we switched gears... (after weeks of working on the other art- but it may resurface elsewhere someday) Of course, we couldn't resist the metaphors..getting to the heart of the record is a little like...the end.. the needle aims for the heart, the mechanical plays the organic, etc. etc.

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Artist: EMEK, 2007

Concert poster for Coachella, Empire Polo Field, April 27-29, 2007



Edison Phonograph and Records




Moby w/Lamb

Artist: EMEK, 2002

12" x 18" Limited edition printed in purple or orange. Glossy poster, not a silkscreen.




Artist: EMEK, 2005

Limited edition 7 color silkscreen, 21" x 28"

Concert poster, Santa Barbara Bowl, October 14, 2005




Pixies at UC Davis 2004

Artist: EMEK, 2004

Media: 9 color silkscreen print on heavy paper, 22" x 30" paper

Concert poster for Pixies at UC Davis Freeborn Hall, April 29, 2004, Davis, CA.



Original and Aboriginal

Artist: Unknown, c. 1910 - reproduced as giclée 2001, original c. 1910

Media: Giclée art print. Processed with inks & 100% cotton acid-free watercolor art paper, 13" x 20" paper



Goldenvoice Presents Pixies

Artist: Michael Michael Motorcycle, 2004

Media: Poster, signed and numbered



Country Joe & the Fish

Artist: Tom Weller, 1966

Media: Poster, (promo poster), 14 1/4 x 20, 1st edition




Trey Anastasio Fox Boulder 2006

Artist: Jay Vollmar, 2006

Media: Poster, 225 edition, signed and numbered, 18 x 24







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