Donald Duck

Phonograph connections with Donald Duck in comics, cartoons and popular culture.



Walt Disney Comics 43, April 1944, Donald Duck in "Three Dirty Little Ducks"


The April 1944 story "Three Dirty Little Ducks" was reissued in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories August 1991, Donald Duck and Friends, June 2005, and in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #300, September 1965.

The Carl Barks' storyline is that Donald chases Huey, Dewey and Louie around the house to make them take a bath - which they don't want to do. One of their hiding places is inside a phonograph. The following are sourced from the June 2005 reprinted comic.





Donald Duck Phonograph, Model #21, Spear Products Inc., Bridgeport, Conn.






Donald Duck Phonograph General Electric RP3123A





Donald Duck's Singing Lesson, Golden Records 78 RPM, 1950



Six ten-inch 78 rpm discs were issued on the “His Master’s Voice” by the UK Gramophone Company in 1936. (Courtesy Cartoons Research)



On June 21, 1961 the short film Donald and the Wheel (starring Donald Duck) was released to theaters. The Gramophone is used to help explain the importance of the wheel's invention. For more images related to Donald and the gramophone in this film, see Phonographia's calendar On This Day - June 21 1961.