Phonographs in Other Ads

Phonographs in Other Consumer Ads & Products



This gallery displays advertisements where a phonograph is part of the story but not what's being sold.



U.S. Gympsum, 1959





Pacific Sheets, 1945





Salem Cigarettes, 1964




Arrow Shirts, 1970




Paper Mate Accu-Point Roller Pen magazine ad, 1985




Carlton Cigarettes, Magazine ad, 1999




MasterCard, 2004







The Phonograph-Herald, St. Paul, NE 1990





Tribune-Phonograph, Abbotsford et. al, WI, 2007







When Steve Wozniak was seen in the 2015 Cadillac "Dare Greatly" television commercial he was on a couch listening to a "vinyl" record surrounded by record albums.





Boden Catalogue, February 2015





Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser C-45, 2019