Phonographs in Other Ads

Phonographs Promoting Other Consumer Products


This gallery displays advertisements and paper ephemera where a phonograph is part of the promotion but is not what's being sold.

The earliest example is a June 1, 1878 illustration in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. In it Uncle Sam is promoting the export of Mrs' Potts Sad Irons to Russia and his message to the Czar of their pending delivery is made by using the recently invented Edison tin-foil phonograph. The Philadelphia Mfg. Co. may have been making very good irons but the "delight and astonishment" of the Czar is clearly because of Edison's phonograph.


Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, June 1, 1878


Ad for Dr. Price's Baking Powder, Omaha Daily Bee, April 30, 1895


"Not all Talk," ad for Sapolio Soap, Appleton's magazine, 1908


Clothing Store ad for Magee and Deemer, Lincoln -Aurora-Omaha, May 12, 1913, Lincoln Daily News

Mogul Cigarettes, Dancing to the Victrola, The Theatre Magazine, August 1915



3-in-One Oil 1918


1920 Advertising Calendar from Trivers Clothes Milwaukee, WI - Victrola in Background - 2 1/4" X 5 1/2

Glidden Paints - The Saturday Evening Post 1920


Vitrolene Furniture Polish, The Talking Machine World, February 1923



Congoleum, The Saturday Evening Post, 1923


American-Standard - First in heating first in plumbing, The Saturday Evening Post, September 15, 1951 (PM-2074)



Delsey Toilet Paper, 1954

Circa 1957 postcard advertising 6-piece furniture set



1957 6-piece furniture set in catalogue

U.S. Gympsum, 1959


Interior Decoration A to Z by Betty Pepis 1965


Coppertone, 1968


"I danced every day -- and there were plenty of 'cut-ins'. Listerine magazine ad, 1942


Pacific Sheets, 1945


Little Lulu's Tips to add life to records, Life, July 1951

1954 Listerine magazine ad


Burlington Men's Socks Ad, 1961 (PM-2042)


"There's a rhythm to wood as captivating as the cadence of music..." National Lumber Manufactures Assocation magazine ad, 1961 (PM-2041)



Salem Cigarettes, 1964


Ozite Carpet Tiles in Rec Room with Retro open horn LP Phonograph, 1968 (PM-2043)


Lanier Business Products, 1970


Healthknit® postcard for ordering blazers and "Slim Jims" c.1965



Arrow Shirts, 1970


Levi's Womenswear, 1979

Paper Mate Accu-Point Roller Pen magazine ad, 1985


Carlton Cigarettes, Magazine ad, 1999


MasterCard, 2004



Barbizon Chemisette, 1958



Espirt Advertising Postcard, 1997


Hammacher Schlemmer, 2008

The handcrafted ceramic was said to be designed to replicate the French horn and augment sound from the iPod. "The gramophone projects music using authentic horn acoustics."



His Master's Scratched Record

Advertisement for ATOPICA, Novartis Animal Health, September 2013



ON THE RECORD: MusicWell, May 10, 2013

This email banner was a link to Kaiser Permanente's internal branded library of images and messages. The MusicWell featured "tracks" (like the grooves of a record) to "amplify" their message.

2013 Trader Joe's Thanksgiving Ad

By selecting one of the Radio Spots from the drop-down the consumer can hear 3 different Trader Joe ads using the Gramophone "Now Hear This!" for delivery of the message.


November 2013 on Trader Joe's website



When Steve Wozniak was seen in the 2015 Cadillac "Dare Greatly" television commercial he was on a couch listening to a "vinyl" record surrounded by record albums.


Boden Catalogue, February 2015

Amazon ad in Time magazine, November 2015, Vol 186 No. 20


Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser C-45, 2019