The '-ola' Brands


133: The number of talking machine's that used '-ola' as a brand name.


The '-ola' brands related to talking machines

The suffix '-ola' was used in 1898 with the introduction of the pianola by the Aeolian Company in New York. The pianola was a specific name for the player piano manufuctured by the Aeolian Company but it would become a generic term for all player pianos. Its name was based on "piano" and "viola." (1)


When the Victor Talking Machine Company introduced their new cabinet internal horn model Victor gramophone in August 1906 they named it the "Victor-Victrola." The Victrola was a trademarked name but like the pianola it ended up also becoming a generic term, i.e., for any talking machine.

Many other manufacturers followed Victor with internal horn machines and many added '-ola' to their company name.

You can tell them the moment you raise the lid and see the trademark "Victrola." Saturday Evening Post ad, 1921


Pianola Catalogue cover and the following ad are courtesy of the Pianola Institute,


The following list of '-OLA' Brands has many sources to thank. (1A).

The factola of this page is the number talking machine's that used -'ola' as part of its brand name.

If a listed name has an asterisk(*) next to it then it has not been included in the Phonographia Factola '-ola' total number count since these are either talking machine attachments or other phono-related accessories and not a talking machine per se.



127: The number of talking machine's that used '-ola' as a brand name.



The following list of '-ola' talking machines is not intended to be a history of any company or any particular machine.


Abrola – Abraham & Straus, NYC, Date filed: January 3, 1923


Amberola – National Phonograph Company - In 1909 Edison introduced a record called the Amberol which extended the cylinder record playing time from two to four minutes. Edison also decided to introduce an internal horn machine to play these records which was named the Amberola. There are two series of Amberola machines: A Roman numeral series (Amberolas I through X) was introduced in December 1909. The second series (Amberolas 30, 50, and 75) was produced after the great Edison plant fire of December 9, 1914.

Mahogany Amberola I (A) 1910 (Courtesy of The Phonograph Company)



Edison Amberola I - (B) Second model



Americanola – American Talking Machine Company, Bloomberg, Pennsylvania. August 15, 1920 TMW - "Plays all Records - Never Scratches" ad courtesy of Mulholland Press 2E(MP)



Amerinola – Amerinola Company, 1 Vandalia Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio. December 15, 1919 TMW


Amphiola – Jerome Reimers, District of Columbia, Date filed: April 18, 1919 (AK) and March 27, 1919 The Musical Trades (FOTP)


Angelola* – Pianissimo Player Action, Date Registered: April 6, 1920


Arionola – Arion Manufacturing Company, 250 Devonshire Street Boston, Massachusetts. Date Registered: August 17, 1915; Trade-mark from September 1914 TMW



Armoniola – Thomas Manufacturing Company, Dayton, Ohio. November 15, 1916 TMW


Arnola* – Max Oscar Arnold, 1906 (AK)


Artanola – Saginaw Sectional Book Case Company, Saginaw, Michigan. March 15, 1923 TMW


Artinola – Texas Phonograph Corp, September 1, 1925 (AK)


Artofola – The Artofola Company, Springfield, Illinois. October 15, 1916 TMW


Artrola – Louis Annin Ames, NYC, July 30, 1915 (AK)


Autonola – Briggs Manufacturing Company. EM


Autrola - Amer Auto Prod Corp. IL, June 1, 1919 Registration No. 227,913 May 23, 1921 (AK) and The Autrola made by the Autrola Company, Chicago, Reno Gazette-Journal, October 23, 1923


Bamcola – Bachman Manufacturing Company, Ivanhoe & Southwest Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri. December 1919 The Music Trades


Barkerola – Barker Brothers, CA November 1, 1915 (AK)


Belcantola – Louis Rommel, NYC, December 11, 1918 (AK)


Bingola – Bing Werke, Germany, September 1, 1926 (AK)


Brant-ola – Brantford Piano Case Company, Limited, Brantford, Canada. 1916 CAPS (3)

Courtesy of The Canadian Antique Phonograph Project, Brant-ola inside lid logo ca. 1916 (3)


Courtesy of The Canadian Antique Phonograph Project, Brant-ola Ad, ca.1917, Unknown provenance (3)



Cabaola* – Filing cabinet for records with ejector for discs made by the Haag Cabinet Company, Philadelphia. Courtesy of Mulholland Press (MP)


Carola – The Carola Company, Leader-News Building, Cleveland, Ohio. August 1916 Cosmopolitan Magazine



Carryola – Carryola Company of America, 647 Clinton Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. July 1924 TMW (Note: Prime Mfg Co., WI, May 1, 1924) (AK)

1928 Catalogue ad for Carryola Portable Phonographs



Carusola – Caruso Mfg Co., NE, May 1, 1924 (AK)


Centrola – Centrola TM Co., NYC, April 1, 1917 (AK)


Chimonola – Chimonola Company, 131 The Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio. September 1919 TMW


Cirola – Cirola Phonograph Corporation 1227 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. April 1920 TMW

The Talking Machine World, November 1922


Clarinola – George B. Clark Company, Inc., Bridgeport, Connecticut. June 26, 1920, 1919 (AK)


Claxtonola – Brenard Manufacturing Company, Iowa City, Iowa. January 1919 TMW


Clayola – Bristol and Barber Company, Inc., 3 East 14th Street, New York City, New York. November 1922 TMW (Note: Geo. Clay Cox, NYS, 1916-1922 per (AK))


Cleola – Tyrola Phonograph Company, Wilmette, Illinois. January 1920 TMW


Cleartonola - still-existing model, however, no information other than the brand name


Collerola – George Coller, Reading, Pennsylvania. EM


Compartola* – Compartment Filing Cabinet Co., Chicago, Illinois - Record Cabinet, November 15, 1909, TMW (FOTP)


Concertola – Concertola Corp. NYC. December 15, 1915 The Talking Machine World (AK)


Concertola – World Phonograph Company, 218 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. March 15, 1917 TMW

March 15, 1917 The Talking Machine World



Consola – Consolidated Talking Machine Company, 227 West Lake Street, Chicago, Illinois. November 15, 1917 TMW


Crayola - Vanity Fair, Model 120, Dyersville, Iowa 52040, 1981 (FOTP)



Crownola – Fred S. Sammel, PA, May 10, 1917 (AK)


Crystola – The Knabe Brothers Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. November 15, 1915 TMW (Note: National Crystola, OH October 15, 1915 TMW (AK))


Curtiss Aeronola - 163 Dufferin Avenue, Toronto, Ontario Canada circa 1919 mfg by the Curtiss Aeroplanes & Motors LTD, CAPS (4)

Courtesy of Stephen McKendry-Smith, CAPS (4)


Edmonton Journal Sept. 27, 1919, courtesy of Keith Wright, CAPS (5)



Da-ven-ola – Davenport Cabinet Works, 829 West 2nd Street, Davenport, Iowa. November 1919, TMW (Note: EWH Davenport Cabinet, February 28, 1919 (AK))



Dealerola – Temple Inc., IL, August 25, 1927 (AK)


Dianola – A. Strassburger Co., PA, December 1, 1915 (AK)


Dixiola – Dixiola Phono Corp., NJ 1917 (AK)


Duffinola – The Duff Company, Elizabeth City, North Carolina. EM


Dulceola – Barnett Samuel & Sons London. "The Decca name appeared on their first portable in 1914 and the Dulceola name was used on their internal horn machines during the 1920's.


Ech-o-nola – John E. Christensen, IL, October 1, 1917 (AK)


Ecola – Eureka Novelty Co., IN, 1917, TMW (AK)


Elmbrola – Elmbrola Talking Machine Company, Department “A”, St. Paul, Minn. March 15, 1918 TMW


Electrola – Victor Talking Machine Co., NJ July 27, 2011 (AK)


Electrola* – German Gramophone Company Record Label Company, Berlin 1925. In March 1931 Electrola, with its parent label and Carl Lindstrφm Company parent Columbia Graphophone Company, merged to form the Electric & Musical Industries Ltd. (EMI). - Wikipedia


Ellbronola – Lansburgh & Brothers, DC, October 20, 1922 (AK)


Elti-Nola – Charles H. Elting & Co., IL September 15, 1919 (AK)


Embrola – Embrola Talking Machine Co., MN, January 15, 1918, TMW (AK)


Eubanola – Ramos-Eubank Phonograph Manufacturing Company, Richmond, Virginia. March 15, 1919 TMW


Eufonola – Acme Cabinet Company, 116 West 32nd Street, New York City, New York. November 15, 1916, TMW


Favorola – Bon-Ton Mfg. Co., 211 South Broadway, St. Louis, Missouri. October 15, 1920 TMW


Gabelola – Gabel’s Entertainer Company, 210 North Ann Street, Chicago, Illinois. March 1917 TMW


Gama Phola – Toy phonograph made in Germany, circa late 1920's




Gattonola – Roscoe B. Gatton, IL, July 20, 1919 (AK)


Genola – General Phonograph Company, Elvira, Ohio.




Glendiola – Leo Palmer, NYC, April 15, 1919 (AK)


Glenola – Leonard Palmer, NYC, March 1, 1920 (AK)


Goldenola – Goldenola Talking Machine Co., CA, January 1, 1922 (AK)


Graduola – Aeolian Co., CT/NYT, December 31, 1913 (AK)


Grafonola - The Columbia Grafonola, The Columbia Graphophone Company, Woolworth Building, New York, 1916




Grafonola by Guild Electric - 1960's replica of a hand crank horn style phonograph. This electric turntable plays 12", 10", and 7" records. The horn holds the speaker.




Gramola – "His Master's Voice" (HMV) Gramola was marketed by the Gramophone Company's German Electrola Record (HMV) company for the market in Austria, Czechoslovakia, and others with a pasted over “Gramola” Label as seen in this 1927 advertisement. - Deutsche Grammophon (Courtesy of - 1908 TMW (AK)


1927 Gramola ad for Austria and Czechloslavkian markets (Courtesy of



Grandola – Grandola Phonograph Company, 1269 Broadway, New York City, New York. November 1915 TMW. Grandola also manufactured by the Purdy Phonograph Co., Toronto, CAPS (6)



Gunn-Son-Ola – Wingham, Ontario, Canada, CAPS Project. (7)


Harmonola – The Harmonola Company, 1611 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. October 1916 TMW


Harponola – The Harpolona Company, 101 Mercelina Park, Celina, Ohio. "The Phonograph with the Golden Voice." The The Mulholland Press (MP)

Harponola Logo, The Talking Machine World, February 1919



Harpvola – Harpvola Talking Machine Company, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. March 1916 TMW


Harrolla – King Talking Machine Company, 11 West 25th Street, New York City, New York. January 1917 TMW


Hayne’ola – Hayne’ola Phonograph Corporation, Ottawa, Illinois. January 1917 TMW


Heatrola* – The Estate Stove Company, October 1928, The Saturday Evening Post - Not a phonograph but a parlor stove designed to look like a Victrola - "to homes of good taste the Heatrola has brought new harmony, new health, new luxurious warmth..." The graceful, cabinet-like Estate Heatrola...its softly gleaming finish of rich mahogany."

View the full two-page ad HERE




Hectrola - Hectrola Phonograph Company, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Courtesy of CAPS Project - Hardware indicates machines were made WWI to circa 1926. (8)



Hrenola – There is an existing model, however, no information other than the brand name.


Humanola – Humanola Talking Machine Company, Meyersdale, Pennsylvania. May 1917 TMW


Keenolophone – Keen-O-Phone Company. The flagship of Morris Keen's Keen-O-Phone Company was the 'Keenolophone' which he introduced in 1911. "The cabinet has a distinctly 'Empire' look that would not be seen in Keen-O-Phone's catalogued models." 17 (10A) PWF





Ko-Hi-Ola – Koehler and Hinrichs, St. Paul, Minnesota. November 1916 TMW


Librola — Seaburg Manufacturing Company, Jamestown, New York. "The Library Table Phonograph" - The Mulholland Press (MP)


Lyreola – Lyre-Ola Manufacturing Company, 1504 Pine Street, St. Louis, Missouri. April 1920 TMW


Maestrola – Sound Reproduction Company, Inc., 56 Liberty Street, New York City, New York. September 1916 TMW


Magnola – Magnola Talking Machine Company, 711 Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. circa 1919, The Mulholland Press (MP)


Majestrola — Bell & Voss Berlin. EM


Marvelola – Weser Brothers, 524 West 23rd Street, New York City, New York. January 1920 TMW


Mastrola – Master Talking Machine Corporation, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York City, New York. May 1915 TMW (FOTP)



Modernola – Modernola Company, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. "A Home Delight to Ear and Eye." November 15, 1919 ad TMW - The Mulholland Press (MP)


Motrola* - Jones-Motrola, Inc., Electric motor to crank your phonograph instead of unsightly winding crank - 29-33 West 35th Street, New York City. Saturday Evening Post December 1917



Multinola – The American Multinola Company, Cleveland, Ohio - A coin-in-the-slot machine option with "16 selections, briefly advertised in 1911." (8A) A&C

Multinola, The Talking Machine World, July 15, 1911 (FOTP)




Munola – The Munzer Manufacturing Corporation, 307 South 6th Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota. November 1917 - TMW ad courtesy of The Mulholland Press (MP)


Musicola – Musicola Talking Machine Company, 242 Knickerbocker Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. March 1920 TMW


Musictrola – Passow & Sons, 832 -842 Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois. March 1916 TMW


Niftyola – T. & H. Specialty Company, Charleston, West Virginia. January 1921 TMW


Nipponola – Kawasaki, Japan (from Nipponophone Record and Machine Catalog, Kawasaki, Japan) - Courtesy of Nipperhead

According to Nipperhead, "this rare catalog, from Kawasaki, Japan, features "fore'gn" records aimed at Japan's American residents and visiting Americans.



Nytrola – T. & H. Specialty Company, Charleston, West Virginia. January 1921 TMW


Ogdenola – Ogden Manufacturers, Chicago, Illinois. EM


Olaphon – Made by Weco



Operollo – Operollo Phonograph Co., 54 W. Lafayette Blvd., Detroit, Mich. July 3, 1919 Hardware Age Catalogue*


Oranola – Perfection Talking Machine Company, Inc., 129 De Graw Street, Brooklyn, New York. August 1919 TMW


Orchestrola – The Thomas Manufacturing Company, Dayton, Ohio. June 1916 TMW


Organola - A model of the Phonola Company of Canada, Kitchener, Ontario 1918

Leamington Post, December 5, 1918 (Courtesy of RPMRecordSpins)



Oriola – Metropolis Sales Company, 27 Union Square, New York City, New York. April 1917 TMW


Panola – still-existing model, however, no information other than the brand name


Perfectrola – Milwaukee Talking Machine Manufacturing Company, 416 Fourth Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. January 1916 TMW


Phonola – Caloric Sales Company, 1381 Continental and Commercial Bank Building, Chicago, Illinois. October 1916 TMW


Phonola - The Pollock Manufacturing Company of Berlin, Ontario, CAPS Project, 1914 - 1933 (9)

Courtesy Keith Wright and CAPS




Phonola – Waters Conley Company, Inc., 17 E. Chestnut Street, Chicago 11, Illinois. 1960 print ad - Note per CAPS there is no known connection between Pollock/Electrohome/Phonola and the US machines made under the 'Phonola' name by Conley and later Waters Conley (10)




Playola – The Toyphone and Woodware Manufacturers, Inc., 130 West 18th Street, New York, TMW ad courtesy of The Mulholland Press (MP)


Playonola – Playonola Talking Machine Company, 1210 Third Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. May 1920 TMW


Portrola – Portable Phonograph Company, Reserve Bank Building, Kansas City, Missouri. "My Records Are Inside." July 15, 1920 TMW ad courtesy of The Mulholland Press (MP)


Queenola – Queenola Phonograph Company — Masier & Weng, Allegan, Michigan. EM


Ramosola – Ramos-Eubank Phonograph Manufacturing Company, Richmond, Virginia. March 1919 TMW


Rayola – Imported by the London Phonograph Company ca. 1916 - Rayola Silver-Tone "Cheers the Home" - CAPS Project (11)


London Phonograph Co., circa 1917, McLaughlin Buick courtesy of CAPS and Allen Noon (12)




Recordola* – Recordophone Co., New York, NY 1921 - Recorder and Reproducer attachment for any phonograph

The Talking Machine World, October 15, 1921(FOTP)


Retola – Ausonia Reed Furniture Company, 844 Gerard Avenue, New York City, New York. October 1920 TMW - ad courtesy of The Mulholland Press (MP)


Rhonola – Waters & Conley Company; portable model. EM


Rilonola — Riley Talking Machine Company, Inc., Utica, New York. EM


Robinola – Robinola Talking Machine Company, 119 East 5th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. June 1917 TMW


Ro-Tone-Ola – Ro-Tone-Ola Phonograph, J. T. Rowe, John Street North, Aylmer Organ/Phonograph Manufacturer, Aylmer, Ontario, circa 1920 CAPS Project (13)


Saxola – Sachs and Company, 425 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. May 1919 TMW


Starola – Introduced by Hawthorne and Sheble (H&S) Manufacturing Company in December 1908. Available for less than a year because of Victor's permanent injunction. (3-97) DAP


Swanola – makers of Black Swan Records, Pace Phonograph Corporation, 257 West 138th Street, New York City, New York. October, 1921 The Crisis Advertiser


Symphonola – The Larkin Company, Buffalo, New York. EM; Identified in CAPS Project as manufactured in Canada at 406-408 [Yonge St., Toronto] the Canadian Symphonola Co. Ltd., CAPS (14) Larkin catalogues and color flyer (4-91 and 4-92) ADV



Tabe-a-nola – Tabe-A-Nola Phonograph Company, Inc., Reading, Pennsylvania. September 13, 1919 The Music Trades; photo on p.35 PFW

Tabe-A-Nola Blotter

Thieryola – J. B. Thiery Company, Milwaukee, Wis., the real "Music-Makers", 1917

The Progressive Farmer Raleigh, North Carolina, newspaper ad June 2, 1917



Tonkola – William Tonk and Brother, 36th Street at 10th Avenue, New York City, New York. March 1918 TMW


Tonola – Tonola Phonograph Company, 11 South 7th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota. May 1917 TMW


Toyola – Berg A. T. & S. Co. Inc. of Long Island, New York. ca. 1920-1930's. See Phonograph Dolls and Toys by Joan & Robin Rolfs, p. 2-59 for full photograph of this suitcase phonograph.

Toyola, Courtesy Joan & Robin Rolfs



Triumpola – Little known other than "modeled after talking machines of the 'vertical' orientation" such as the H&S 'Starola'. Plate identifying the "Triumphola" shows "Patent BRDR. CORELL." See photograph p. 48 PWF


Verdiola – Illinois Talking Machine Company, 56 West Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois. July 1918 TMW



Victrola - Victor Talking Machine Company, Camden, N.J. Munsey's Magazine 1906



Victrola Electrola - Victor Talking Machine Company, Camden, N.J. 1928

1928 Victor Victrola Electrola VE7-26X



Vitanola – Vitanola Talking Machine Company, 17 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. February 1915 TMW - "The Phonograph of Marvelous Tone" TWM ad courtesy of The Mulholland Press (MP)


Vonola – There is an existing model, however, no information other than the brand name


Waderola – Wade Talking Machine Company, 12 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. March 1920 TMW


Watrola – Wartell Phonograph Company, 178 West Randolph Street, Chicago, Illinois. October 1919 TMW


Westrola – The Wesley Company, Chicago, Illinois. June 1920 TMW


Wycola – Wyeth Manufacturing. EM


Yohnola – Oliver Yohn & Sons, New York. EM



Other phonograph/music-providing '-ola' companies (post 1925)


Motorola - Motorola started as the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in Chicago in 1928, however, "Paul Galvin wanted a brand name for Galvin Manufacturing Corporation's new car radio, and created the name “Motorola” by linking "motor" (for motorcar) with "ola" (from Victrola), which was also a popular ending for many companies at the time, e.g. Moviola, Crayola. The company sold its first Motorola branded radio on June 23, 1930" ... and "later changed the company name to Motorola, Inc."- Wikipedia


Motorola Model 50XC (1940) radio, made of Catalin (photo courtesy of Wikipedia - photograph taken at SFO airport "On The Radio" exhibition 2018).



Motorola Phonograph-Radio magazine ad, 1945



Playola - Children's record player in its box, 1948






Radiola - Paris Concerts Radiola 1923 advertisements ( in La Science & la Vie)

Courtesy The Phono and Radio Archives)




Radiola - Radio-Victor Corporation of America, Radiola Super-Heterodyne, December 1929 Arts & Decoration magazine




Ad on back of Matinee Musicale program January 25, 1926 Temple Theatre, Lincoln, NE



Rock-Ola - Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation, Chicago, IL 1932 with its first jukebox produced in 1935. (15)

Rock-Ola Model 1422, 1946 courtesy of Jukebox The Golden Age, ©1981 Lancaster-Miller, Inc.



Victrola - 2016 - Trade-name orginally owned by The Victor Talking Machine Company. The Radio Corporation of America bought the Victor Talking Machine Company in 1929 and continued to use the word Victrola for decades. RCA was taken over by GE in 1986 and broken up (see Wikipedia RCA Trademarks). The turntable seen in the following Brookstone ad in 2016 is made by Innovative Technology which now owns the Trademark for Victrola


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Nicktrola Ornament, 2007 by Christopher Radko





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