About This Site



I've been fascinated by the phonograph since I was a young boy.

Phonographia.com is my way of displaying much of that interest.

Cultural questions related to the phonograph and how it was marketed to the home are central themes. But this really means how did the phonograph fit into the home? How did it become defined as essential to the family? And how has it been seen in daily life and popular culture through the decades?

Phonographia are connections that show the impact and influence of the phonograph. Anything connected with the phonograph is in scope, e.g. stories related to the phonograph, artwork, advertisements, cartoons, records and album covers, and stacks of other phonograph related ephemera.

I chose Phonographia (think phonograph memorabilia) in 2001 as this site's domain name because it's meant to include any memory or connection with the phonograph.

The Phonograph started a cultural revolution with its entertainment recordings. But it also literally was a revolution of sound with records revolving at different rpms on a variety of talking machines playing "bottled up" sound waves.

Phonographia is my virtual scrapbook of phonograph related images and connections, organized and named like any Friend of the Phonograph would expect, e.g., PhonoArt, PhonoToons, PhonoLinks, PhonoFood, PhonoDrinks, PhonoLyrics, Memories of the Phonograph, etc.

Phonographia is also a photo album and a record of my own small group of Friends of the Phonograph and our related celebrations, lists and memories connected with the phonograph.

I believe the legacy of the Phonograph should be remembered and celebrated.

Hopefully, Phonographia makes a contribution to that intent and to the "prismatic recollection of history." (1)