Newspapers and the Phonograph in Sheridan County

December 25, 1908 The Gordon Journal


Newspaper articles with Phonograph Connections


By Doug Boilesen, 2022

The following articles are another Phonographia scrapbook of connections, with this one focused on the newspapers near the first homestead of the Jules Sandoz family, i.e., Gordon, Hay Springs, and Rushville, all of Sheridan County, Nebraska. Several early phonograph articles from Chadron newspapers are also included.

Most of the early articles appearing in local newspapers about the phonograph originated from newspapers in larger cities. In the 1880's articles often described how the phonograph was being improved and what it would soon do, often with humor. Long before many would hear a phonograph they would read about how it was being used around the USA and the world. When the phonograph became a consumer product in the 1890's the phonograph ads began appearing in newspapers and national magazines.

The following articles are examples of how newspapers like the Hay Springs Leader, Hay Springs Enterprise, and Rushville Standard, Rushville Register, and The Gordon Journal reported on the phonograph and its growing presence in communities as a public entertainer and its place in popular culture as a new member of the home.

Advertisements for local businesses that were selling phonographs and records are also included along with 'notices' of recent purchases of a phonograph that would be identified in newspapers as part of its promotion.


The Chadron Democrat, March 25, 1886 (Dawes County) Note: This is the earliest reference to a phonograph in a newspaper near Hay Springs, NE.



The Chadron Democrat, February 2, 1888



The Chadron Advocate, August 9, 1888



The Rushville Standard, November 9, 1888



The Rushville Standard, December 28, 1888



The Rushville Standard, May 17, 1889



The Chadron Advocate, May 24, 1889



The Chadron Democrat, August 27, 1889



The Rushville Standard, June 21, 1889



The Chadron Advocate, October 11, 1889



The Chadron Advocate, October 25, 1889



“A practical joker secretly introduced a phonograph in the kitchen…” The Rushville Standard, May 8, 1891



The Rushville Standard, May 20, 1892



Poor Julius Caesar - "he never listened to a phonograph". The Rushville Standard, February 15, 1895



The Rushville Standard, September 20, 1895



Hay Springs Leader, July 2, 1897



Rushville Recorder, January 21, 1898



Gramophones heard at exhibit, Rushville Standard, July 28, 1899



Rushville Standard, April 21, 1899




Rushville Register, February 1, 1900



Hay Springs Leader, June 15, 1900



Hay Springs Leader, October 26, 1900



“phonograph entertainments,” Rushville Standard, February 14, 1901



Hay Springs Leader, May 17, 1901



Hay Springs Enterprisehumor and more, May 23, 1902



Rushville Standard, October 3, 1902



The Gordon Journal, April 3, 1903



Hay Springs Leader, August 14, 1903



The Gordon Journal, February 13, 1903



The Gordon Journal, February 27, 1903



Rushville Standard, May 22, 1903



Hay Springs Enterprise, December 30, 1904



The Gordon Journal, May 27, 1904



The Rushville Recorder, September 8, 1905




The Rushville Recorder, February 2, 1906



The Rushville Recorder, May 9, 1906



“Senior Class Reception welcomed by the phonograph,” The Rushville Recorder, May 18, 1906



Hay Springs Leader, July 27, 1906




Hay Springs Enterprise, September 14, 1906





J. H. Dixon Johnson purchased a Phonograph. The Gordon Journal, April 5, 1907



Martin Johnson purchased a Phonograph. The Gordon Journal, March 22, 1907



Waterman still sells Edison Phonograph and records. A fine Xmas present. The Gordon Journal, December 13, 1907



. Rushville Standard, December 18, 1908



Stories and jokes about the phonograph would also be in newspapers and phonographs advertisements would appear for stores now selling phonographs and records. The phonograph at the beginning of the 20th century was becoming part of popular culture and daily life.


Largest stock of records in the west.” The Gordon Journal, November 28, 1902



The Gordon Journal, August 29, 1902



The Rushville Recorder, January 13, 1905



The Rushville Recorder, February 22, 1907



The Gordon Journal, March 29, 1907



The Rushville Recorder, April 20, 1907



The Rushville Recorder, April 26, 1907



The Gordon Journal, July 12, 1907



Rushville Standard, July 14, 1907



The Gordon Journal, October 25, 1907



The Rushville Recorder, December 13, 1907



The Gordon Journal, May 31, 1907, July 12, 1907 et al., including front page of December 25, 1908

Waterman's Jeweler & Optician, and Jordan's both of Gordon, Nebraska and the closest stores to the Sandoz homestead where Edison Phonographs and Records could be purchased.



"Edison’s Famous Phonographs” at Jordan Hardware Co’s., The Rushville Recorder, February 7, 1908



The Gordon Journal, January 3, 1908

Although they advertised in The Gordon Journal, Chapman's was in Valentine, Nebraska and sold Edison Phonographs and Records, but this store would have been over 90 miles away.



The Gordon Journal, February 21, 1908



The Rushville Standard, February 21, 1908



The Gordon Journal, January 17, January 24, February 28, March 6, March 13 and March 20, 1908

Edison Phonograph ad for Chapman’s in Valentine, Nebraska - said to have the "largest stock of Edison Records in N. W. Nebraska"




Rushville Recorder, July 31, 1908



Extracted from “John Henry on Poker Playing” by Geo. V. Hobart, The Gordon Journal, October 29, 1908




The Gordon Journal, December 11, 1908



Rushville Standard, December 18, 1908