"Hello" Postcards

"Hello" for Telephone Calls Postcards

By Doug Boilesen 2021

The telephone and the phonograph have a close history including the use of "Hello." See Phonographia's Hello or Ahoy for more details.

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"Hello Girls was first coined for female telephone switchboard operators in the US, and was the common term used for women who would greet callers with "hello" when they rang the switchboard instead of dialling another telephone number directly." Wikipedia

Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court written in 1889 is an early example of using the word 'Hello" and "hello-girl" in the context of the telephone: "The humblest hello-girl along ten thousand miles of wire could teach gentleness, patience, modesty, manners, to the highest duchess in Arthur's land." Wikipedia





Postcard 1909


Postcard by F. Earl Christy, ca. 1910's


May 2, 1909 postcard sent to Miss Eva Saylor, Daykin, Nebr


Postcard ca. 1915




Postcard 1909


Postmarked Milton, PA 1909


Hello! 1908



1910 Postmarked "Hello" Girls Valentine's Day card, 1906 Raphael Tuck & Sons Co.


I'm always plugging for you," Judge magazine, December 12, 1925.


Kewpie, Klever Kard in style of Rose O'Neill, 1914 Campbell Art Co.