Valentine's Day and the Phonograph

On this Day February 14


Valentine's Day is known since the nineteenth century for the sending Valentine's cards, boxed chocolates and flowers to friends and loved ones. At the turn of the century and during the golden age of postcards gramophones and phonographs appeared on cards and made the perfect vehicle for letting the talking machine speak the words of the giver. The phonograph also has a history of playing romantic or mood music with a recorded song sometimes being remembered for a special moment and being designated an "our song" by couples.

The following are a few examples of the phonograph's connection with popular culture for Valentine's Day.


Valentine's Day postcard, ca. 1910


The Edison Phonograph Monthly, February 1905


Valentine postcard, c.1925 Great Britain


Hallmark, ca. 1965


"The needle isn't stuck in case you get the message twice - repeat that you are nice."

Gibson greeting card ca. 1990

See Phonographia's Courtship, Proposals, and the Phonograph for some popular culture examples of when Valentine's Day is more than giving everyone in your second grade class a Valentine's card.


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