"The Greatest of Marlys!

By Lynda Barry, Published by Drawn & Quarterly, ©2016.


Doug Boilesen, June 2024

The life and times of Marlys Mullen, the beloved character in Barry's nationally syndicated comic strip, 'Ernie Pook's Comeek' includes three phonograph related cartoons.

The full color dancing Marlys on the cover of the book features a 45 RPM playing on its record player.



A full page black and white cartoon titled "DANCING MARLYS" is a simlilar illustration to the book's cover.

"The Greatest of Dancing Marlys," by Lynda Barry, published by Drawn & Quarterly, ©2016, p. 105.


In one of the panels on her page titled "Talent Show" a phonograph record playing "Revolution" by the Beatles accompanies the performance of eating "six raw hot dogs without stopping 'til they are gone."

The Greatest of Marlys, Ibid. p. 12.