How We Learn About the Phonograph

Serendipidous Phonograph Connections in Popular Culture


By Doug Boilesen, 2021

Phonographia are connections where we can learn about the phonograph. Popular culture has countless phonograph related connections often found in unexpected places and they can still be seen in the 21st century.

Most of Phonographia is a scrapbook of phonograph related words and images organized by respective themes. This page, however, is for phonographia that might otherwise be ignored except for being included here.

The first example is a newspaper's word game for kids with its picture that can be colored. The focus of the picture is Edison and his light bulb. However, Edison's earlier invention, the Phonograph, is in the framed picture above young Tom making this a serendipous opportunity for learning about the phonograph.

"Edison was Bright," Lincoln Journal, 2012



Cracker Jack prizes of a turntable (unassembled), plastic yellow turntable and Nipper 'charms'; "Nipper" wooden nickel; phonograph 'jeweled' brooch -- random reminders of the phonograph.





The Examiner Kids Page, Disney's Gummi Bears, 1987



Shylock fox, by Bob Weber, Jr., 1987


"45 RPM Records were Groovy in the 1950's.

Jumbo Scrambled Word Game with 45 RPM Records Connection, Lincoln Journal, November 1, 2012 - See Answer HERE.


Headphones on Sale with albums in the background. "Music to his Ears."

Jumbo Scrambled Word Game with Stereo Headphones and Record Album Connections, Lincoln Journal, March 21, 2023 - See Answer HERE.



Ebay the Talking Auction Game (2001 Hasbro) where one of the bidding cards on the box is an Edison "Standard" Phonograph, an iconic "antique" for 21st century Ebay bidders.





Two Teens Doll Book, James & Jonathan Inc., 1971



Kitchen Cutting Board ca. 1970



Ever-Art Pottery Co., Los Angeles, Ceramic TV Lamp and Planter, ca. 1950



Will's Cigarette's "Famous Inventions" insert, Edison's First Phonograph, 1915

(Note this is Edison's second phonograph, not the original known as the "Kruesi'. )


Salt and Pepper Shakers

Novelty salt and pepper shakers are seldom seen in homes.

If one of the following sets is put on the table then young children might be seeing a gramophone or Nipper for the first time.




Home Decorations - Sculptures, Lights and Music Boxes









Christmas Tree Ornaments and Miniatures

Phonograph Ornaments for Christmas Tree


Here's a screen shot from a 2021 video on YouTube. Notice the phonograph ornament on the tree? Serendipity? No, it's my nephew Nick, a Friend of the Phonograph, in his Nick style music/humor 2021 "Christmas Time is Here" music video.



Novelty Adaptations and Appropriations

3M Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser for Desktop, 2018 (FP1433)