Revolutions per Minute: The Evolution of the Record


SFO Terminal 2 October 2011 - March 2012

2011 by San Francisco Airport Commission


Visit the SFO Museum Gallery to read the text and see the objects displayed for the temporary exhibit at SFO Terminal 2 in October 2011- March 2012.

Here's how the exhibit's scope was described:

This exhibition traces the evolution of the record, showcasing a variety of records, album covers, and record players from wind-up phonographs and portable 45 players to picture discs and colored vinyl. Some of the featured cover designers and artists include Jim Flora, Reid Miles, and Andy Warhol. A selection of cover art from various musical genres is also highlighted, such as jazz, psychedelic, punk rock, and hip-hop.

This Cobra-matic record player from 1950 is one example from the exhibit. Click on this Cobra-matic or the link above to see the SFO Museums on-line gallery for this exhibit.


Cobra-matic record player and radio

1950 Zenith

Courtesy of John Eckland