Apparel, Accessories and Sartorial Phonographians


This gallery features apparel with phonograph connections, primarily items of wear with phonograph related artwork.

Art in popular culture ads selling apparel are also in this gallery if a phonograph is pictured in the ad.

Wear-ever possible, a Friend of the Phonograph is the model.



The Brothers, circa 1980


Flintstone T-shirt, circa 2021


Calvin and Hobbes T-shirt, circa 2020


Senses Fail T-shirt, circa 2010



RCA T-shirt


T-shirt, custom creation by Nathan, 2022

FOTP Ryan, 2022



Men's Hawaiian Cat Shirt, 2021


Men's Naughty Cat Shirt, 2021



Men's Gramophone and Record Socks, 2022



Unisex Record Player Socks, 2022




Phonograph Ties, Father and Son, 2005


Kieselstein-Cord Men's Blue Phonograph and Records Motif Silk Neck Tie


Music Sound Exchange Silk Neck Tie


Swank Gramophone Tie Tack



Nipper & Victor Talking Machine Tie Tack

Gramophone, Brass Colored Metal Tie Tack



RCA Victor Tie Bar Employee 10K Gold Emblem w/Emerald


Turntable Silver Tone Enamel Lapel Pin


Gramophone Cloisonne Tie Tack


Korea Gramophone Museum Enameled Bolo Tie (Gift of Bill & Ila Ballou)





Nipper Sweater, 2001



Apparel Advertisements with Phonographs in the ads


Page 6 from Samples Book for clothing store, circa 1918 for Model No. 803 Three-Button Cutaway Sack. Actual cloth samples are on the backside of the page. (PM-0767)


Barbizon Chemisette, 1958


Burlington Men's Socks Ad, 1961 (PM-2042)


Healthknit® postcard for ordering blazers and "Slim Jims" c.1965


Arrow Shirts, 1970


Levi's Womenswear, 1979


Espirt Advertising Postcard, 1997