The Electricity Building at The World's Columbian Exposition of 1893

Cover of The Inter Ocean Illustrated Supplement, October 11, 1893 (Courtesy Chicagology)


Electricity Building.

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Electricity Building, United States Exhibit No. 1 showing General Electric Co. exhibit area and Edison Tower of Light. "Shepp's World's Fair Photographed, p. 221.


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Appliances, such as those in the kitchen of the Electric House in in the Electricity Building included The Edison company.

Official Guide to the World's Columbian Exposition, p. 70


The model kitchen powered by electricity. (Image from Bancroft, Hubert Howe The Book of the Fair. The Bancroft Company, 1893). (1)


Electricity at the World's Fair by Charles M. Lungeen, The Popular Science Monthly, November 1893.


Edison's quadruplex mechanism was on display in the Electricity Buildings exhibit of telegraph and telephone service.

Official Guide to the World's Columbian Exposition, p. 70.



The Best Things To Be Seen At The World's Fair, Published by Authority of the Exposition Management, 1893, Chicago, The Columbian Guide Company.


Included In the Electrical Exhibits in the Electricity Building are the phonograph, and "the new Kimetograph, invented by Edison, which transmits scenes to the eye as well as sounds to the ear." Ibid, pp. 61-62.


Coin-operated phonographs are inside the Electricity building.

Coin-operated phonographs are inside the Electricity building, Ibid, p. 62.

"The great Electricity building is filled with curious exhibits of an electrical character. To the left as you enter from the north front a large circular space is devoted to phonographs, where one at the expense of a few coppers may amuse himself for an hour."


Lecture in Electricity Building on Edison's Phonograph

The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, August 16, 1893 p. 7.





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