Like a Broken Record

Sounds Like, Plays Like, Fill-in-the-Blank Like A Broken Record


"Sounds like a broken record" - Definition from Dictionary of Phonographia

Our Funds Have a Record Like a Broken Record.

Like a Broken Record, Time Magazine, advertisement, December 28, 2015






The Democratic Debate, February 11, 2016 - PBS

Sanders..."sounded like a broken record"

One of our favorite phonograph language legacy's in the English language was heard again in USA Today's report the day after the February 11 Democratic debate summarizing Winners and Losers of the debate with this comment for Senator Sanders under the Loser's category:

"Sanders, at times during that first hour, sounded like a broken record -- citing millionaires and billionaires and Wall Street to explain almost anything he was asked."

The "sounded like a broken record" even had its own link to Tweets on this topic, e.g.,




"I love you Like a Broken Record Plays"

In his music video Eric Hutchinson sings the phrase "and I love you Like a Broken Record Plays..."




"I sound like a broken record, so why not become a record?"

This article was written by Kim Hart in the August 28, 2006 Washington Post about a Pilates trainer, Sarah Christensen, that put her workout guides on MP3 players.

"The idea struck Christensen, of Fairhaven, Md., after she lost her voice teaching 10 hours of Pilates a day. Then her husband gave her an iPod." "I had no idea how to even use one of those things," said Christensen, 50, who took up Pilates to unwind after selling her laser-manufacturing company five years ago. "And then it dawned on me: I sound like a broken record, so why not become a record?"




That broken record is still spinning

Nov. 9, 2012 By BRIAN CHRISTOPHERSON / Lincoln Journal Star

1. That broken record is still spinning

Number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9. Ö Apologies. The White Album suddenly flashed to mind. Hereís why: Penn State is plus 9 in turnover margin, tops in the Big Ten. Nebraska is minus 9 in turnover margin, last in the Big Ten. The positive number 9 for Penn State is one big reason the Nittany Lions have rolled to a 4-1 record in the Big Ten when many outsiders were counting them out. The negative number 9 for Nebraska is one big reason the Huskers had to rally from double-digit deficits in three Big Ten games that probably didnít need to be that close. Certainly, talk of turnover troubles is one that has spun like a broken record around here.

Taylor Martinez, courtesy of Lincoln Journal Star /Eric Gregory



Husker Football has opponents spinning...

On a more positive note for HuskerNation, here's a quote from the October 20, 1996 football game between Nebraska vs. Texas Tech football game when the ABC television announcer described Husker running back DiAngelo Evans as follows:

"He was turning around like a record on a turntable."



USA Today December 15, 2013 by Nanci Hellmich

Holiday Stress calls for an attitude adjustment

"If you let your mind wander too much, it always turns negative" and will get stuck on the negative.

Hellmich writes in this article about stress:

When the mind is wandering, it is unguarded. It's on autopilot, thinking about relationships or unresolved issues, which Amit Sood, author of The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living, .calls "the open files. It's like a (vinyl) record that gets stuck and repeats the same sound over and over again."